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Author: a child grows

Cool Current and Upcoming Museum Exhibits

  Some great exhibits you can enjoy with your kids with spring:   Tarsila do Amaril: Inventing Modern Art in Brazil at Moma In Brazil she is known by just her first name. Born at the end of the 19th century in Sao Paulo. Her style features lush landscapes while also deeply influenced by the other big names of Modernism that were her contemporaries. This is the first major show of her work in the United States. Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away at the Guggenheim This exhibit is a great way to let kids explore how art can be...

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Interview with Lauren Jost, Founder of the Spellbound Theatre

I was fascinated by the decision to go into theatre for small children, in particular babies, and ran across Lauren Jost, the power behind Spellbound Theatre as well as many children’s theatre initiatives in Brooklyn and beyond.  See our interview below. ____ Me: Your bio is so complex! How do you answer the question of what you do in one sentence at a party? Lauren: I usually describe myself as a storyteller – that seems to be the theme that runs throughout my work as a director, teacher, and performer. I’m obsessed with creating spaces for regular people to...

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New York Theatre Ballet’s GOOSE!

GOOSE! Choreography by Keith Michael; Original Score by Vladimir Shinov; Performed at Florence Gould Hall A theatre filled with small kids has a special resonance of snack packages, tiny cries, parent whispers, and constant squirming little bodies, we all expect that. What I didn’t expect was a full professional level ballet company performing a show meant for these young squirmers. The New York Theatre Ballet has been putting on children’s shows for more than 30 years, but they are not a children’s ballet company. They regularly perform classic, famous yet rarely performed ballets for small companies such as dances...

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Another Take on Indoor Playspaces

Those of us with little ones and small apartments know we need places to take them to run, jump on things, climb if possible, and maybe even socialize with other kids (however much this actually happens under 3). For those of us with older kids, there are more options and different places, but you still need something to do outside the house on those cold days when there is no school. Here are some ideas for the little ones. My favorite is the indoor playspace at the YMCA. The 9th St. Propect Park Y has an indoor playground three...

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Finding the Right Playgroup

Finding a playgroup can feel overwhelming. I moved cross-country when I was six months pregnant with my twins and didn’t know a single person, let alone parent, in my new town. I spent a lot of time and energy worrying about how to choose a playgroup where both my kids and I would feel comfortable and get some much needed socialization. This is a bit of what I learned along the way. Age Does Matter At first, playgroups are really more for you than for your baby. During the first year, babies change dramatically from month to month. As a result, the challenges...

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