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Best Reviewed Balance Bikes

Best Reviewed Balance Bikes

Trying out the balance bike

So I got my daughter her first balance bike by essentially closing my eyes and randomly ordering one on the internet. I found it too hard to decide. I ended up with a Wild Baby one probably because it looked cool and it was made of wood, which appealed to me. She only tried it once because it is too tall for her and it can’t be adjusted any lower. I probably didn’t make the best choice for her, but it still looks super fly. She will be able to ride it as soon as the weather is warm again.

And so, I asked one of our freelance writers to look up and write about the best reviewed balance bikes. Should I get another one?


For many parents, the transition to learning to ride a bike went from tricycle to training wheels to the big kid’s bike we aspired to. It’s easy to remember that moment of joy that came the first time you were able to peddle and go all on your own. While it seemed like the big revelation came from propelling yourself all on the same power, the true challenge in riding a bike was not falling down. The memory of finally learning that skill remains strong because it was such a challenge to learn how to balance on a bicycle. Now, for aspiring bikers there is a balance bike that is built without peddles, and also created so as to be lightweight and perfectly suited to small bodies. This makes a balance bike the ideal tool to teach children how to balance so that when they’re ready to sit on a regular two-wheeler, they’ll already have the toughest part mastered.

But not all balance bikes are created equally, and if you’re going to invest in this valuable too, you’ll want to get one that’s both rated high for safety and for how easy it is for your child to use. Let’s take a look at which balance bikes are rated most highly.

Top-Rated Balance Bikes

  1. Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike: Receiving high marks in a variety of outlets, including SFGate, Wirecutter and Cycling Weekly. It’s a popular choice because while presenting a picture of simplicity, it actually offers the most important features, specifically being lightweight, perfectly shaped for small hands, and it’s very easy to assemble. What makes the Strider stand apart is that it offers a wide range of adjustability (9″) and allows for the lowest seat height of any balance bike. The tires are made of plastic instead of rubber and while these are more lightweight, the only place the Strider gets points deducted is in tire durability.
  2. Banana Bike LT V2This is a popular budget option, available online for around $60, as opposed to the over $100 price tag of many of the other choices. Its steel frame has the right low profile and the foam tires (again not rubber) keep everything lightweight. The trade-off for the low price? It’s not that easy to assemble and adjustments require a wrench.
  3. Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike: Offering all of what is needed in a balance bike, the Radio Flyer has the added advantage of a fun aesthetic and scores points for the nostalgia factor.



So, we’ll see if we need to try another one. BTW, these link to Amazon, of which A Child Grows is an affliate, but it really isn’t much and doesn’t make a difference in what we discuss– as everyone knows, Amazon has everything in any case.



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