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New Indoor Play Ideas for Winter 2018

New Indoor Play Ideas for Winter 2018

The freezing wind and all the colds going around are making everyone a bit tired of the same old cartoons and picture books. It’s time to get creative and come up with some new indoor activity ideas. Here are a few of ours.

Playdough Animal Guessing Game

For the little ones, it is what it sounds like. Guess what animal they made and see if they can guess yours. This is surprisingly hilarious. For the older ones and a few more people, it is a little like Pictionary. Write some animal names (guessable ones, not made up ones unless the whole family knows it) and then pick from a hat and see how fast your team can guess the animal while in construction. This is a great way to use playdough for kids that thought they were too old for playdough.

Get a Roll of Craft Paper and Cover Half the Room

or the whole room–whatever space you can move furniture out of and get free. Don’t stop at the floor, but go up the walls. Now, you guys can decorate however you want, but I recommend putting on disposable clothes and painting with your feed, elbows, and noses.

Too ambitious?

Wrapping Paper Book Covers

This is a great project for slightly older kids. Take out your old wrapping paper collection or magazines and cut out tons of small pictures and shapes. There are many ways you can do this, but the best is with plain old clear vinyl contact paper.

Lay the contact paper out and measure the perfect size fit around the book you want to cover. Measure and cut the exact size. Now lay that part on the roll and cut a bigger second piece with an extra 1-2 inches on each size (depending on the size of the book).

Peel the cover off the smaller one and lay sticky side up. Now cover every inch of it with the paper shapes and pictures. Overlap as you see fit.

Now remove the backing on the big piece and layer over the small on so the sticky part is still exposed on all sides. Cut the corners out so that the plastic can easily wrap around.
Apply to you new favorite book. It will look so cool that you will want to carry it everywhere.

Make a Cheerios Necklace and Eat It

Use dental floss and any kind of O’s really…we used Fieldday Toasted O’s from the Park Slope Food Coop. It is as much fun eating them off as putting them on. Be sure to supervise closely as you don’t want them eating the floss.

Improv Band

We have lots of instruments, but we don’t always play them. Sometimes it is more fun if you make new ones. We used a bunch of different size steel bowls and wooden spoons for a pretty fantastic drum set last week.  Glasses, plastic containers, and even spoons (remember playing spoons?) make great instruments for the improv band.





Need more great ideas for older kids?