(Sponsored) Our friends at Fichman Furniture provide us with some great tips and ideas for protecting your kids from your hot radiator and looking pretty good at the same time. Read the article below.


They may seem a little old fashioned, however, radiators provide a consistent, comfortable and healthy warmth for your home. Without the blower fan found in common forced air systems, air retains more of its moisture which helps keep your sinuses and immune system in good shape. A lack of ducts also helps to reduce dust, which builds up in difficult to clean airways and gets distributed throughout your house with the warm air.

Despite all the benefits – not to mention the convenience of keeping your existing heating system – there are couple concerns people often have about radiators.

The most common worries are safety related. For a child learning to stand and find their balance, a radiator seems like the perfect object to pull themselves up with. Did you know a steam radiator can heat up to 215℉? Whether it’s your radiator, or the pipes feeding it, any exposed surface reaching temperatures that high can scald or burn curious fingers. With a properly installed radiator cover, these burns are entirely avoidable without sacrificing comfort or taking on expensive renovations. Don’t overlook your radiator childproofing for a new baby or recently mobile toddler!

Another obvious drawback – those radiators have to go somewhere! Unlike forced air systems, your radiators take up valuable floor space you’d prefer to use for storage or decorating. Nobody wants to waste space in their home, but this is especially concerning for city dwellers where living or storage space is already at an expensive premium and every square inch counts.


After- Check out that new functional space!

A cover transforms your radiator from a potentially hazardous eyesore into a functional piece of furniture you’ll want to show off. In addition to the reclaimed surface space, this small change ties together any room to make it feel totally furnished and complete.

In the past, purchasing and installing a radiator cover was easier said than done. Due to their size and weight, traditional cast iron radiators were manufactured in local foundries to fit each home’s unique dimensions. This means no two radiators are alike, and off-the-shelf solutions never truly fit. However, sourcing custom furniture is a struggle as well – finding a reputable contractor, putting time aside for them to visit your home, reviewing their designs, not to mention surprise charges or delays – puts people off the idea of custom furniture altogether.

With Fichman Furniture, you have the option of designing and ordering custom radiator covers without ever leaving the comfort of your home. No waiting for service calls or quotes, and you even get instant previews with to-scale drawings of your new furniture! The covers are delivered right to your door anywhere in the USA or Canada, and can be assembled and installed in less than 20 minutes. Did we mention everything is proudly made in the USA, with 100% recyclable packaging? That means no Styrofoam or plastic to clutter your trash!

You can learn more about ordering custom radiator covers by heading over to http://www.fichman.com and picking out one of their 6 unique models. Styles range from traditional, transitional to modern, so there’s guaranteed to be something to fit your space and décor.

Check out the quick step-by-step video on measuring your radiator under “HOW TOs” to make sure you get the best fit. Fichman Furniture even has a team of dedicated custom furniture experts you can speak with to answer all your questions!

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