This is the first in a short series of articles on being vegetarian and breastfeeding a dairy sensitive baby. It is first hand experience and should not be considered medical advice. These were taken from the anonymous blog: Soy and Dairy Free Mom.

No Chicken

I am a vegetarian who is avoiding both soy and dairy because I am nursing a baby with a sensitivity to the proteins. Not sure if it is one or both, but I stopped both just in case. While searching the web for others like me, I found there weren’t many women with this issue…most of the dairy and soy free blogs recommended eating mostly chicken!
So I am going to write a few columns about everyday challenges, foods I (we!) could eat, tips, and the saga of re-introducing dairy.

But Maybe Goat Dairy

When this entire thing started, I read somewhere that it may only be cow dairy (I later discovered that it may only be American cow dairy) that caused the baby’s sensitivity. So I started eating goat dairy and sheep dairy instead. There are some amazing goat and sheep cheeses. Feta, manchego, and romano are all goat or sheep. Then there are some goat goudas that are delicious. Also, there is a type of goat yogurt, Redwood Hill Farm, that is better than most cow yogurt. I never cared that much for the sheep yogurt because it tasted a little bit like barn.

I later learned that most babies that are sensitive to cow are also sensitive to the goat dairy and sheep dairy, but mine never was. He was fine with the other dairy, so might be something to try. And, if you are lucky enough that it is only a cow sensitivity, you can still have pizza! Goat cheese pizza!

The goat dairy never bothered my baby, but this is when I eat it. It may not be the same as giving it to him directly. Anyway, there is a lot of talk online about giving babies goat milk being bad–so we didn’t do that. But it was fine when I ate it and breastfed.

There is even a goat milk formula, but it’s a toddler only version as they didn’t get approval to market for under 12 months for some reason.

So the real question for me is: why are so many babies sensitive to cow dairy? It is not an allergy or lactose intolerance–it is a sensitivity to the protein that goes away as they get older. After all, the main ingredient in breast milk is lactose.


From the Blog: Soy and Dairy Free Mom

Featured Grocery Image: Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash