You need a lift. It’s almost spring- hat head and top buns are wearing thin. Little did I know about how great dry shampoo is, until I had two kids under age five. Spray that stuff in, and you’re all set for three more days. Seriously, invest in a can and call it a season. Just for the fun of it. Also, it smells amazing, even the lower price point brands. If you want to take things a step further on your bare bones image campaign, why not consider highlights?

I spoke to Stylist extraordinaire, Liz Donelan, at Brooklyn’s own Fox and Jane Salon about highlighting, and what it can do for a busy mom’s spirit.  She is a total expert, and I got to see first hand what a little help can do. Our session did not take forever, as feared… I was in and out in less than two hours, really. I asked for a slightly cooler look to my dull dishwater blonde, but not too dramatically different. I mean, I love a platinum look but wasn’t ready for the full leap. Here’s what she did:

Highlights Fox and Jane

dishwater on the left, cooler highlights on the right

What can highlights do for a busy, stressed-out mom, and do they require a lot of upkeep?

Highlights can brighten up color and add more dimension and interest. Because of this, I believe it could make a busy stressed out mom feel on trend, bright and good about their look. Some highlights require a lot of upkeep however balayage does not. And lucky for us it is really popular right now. The highlight blends into the root so their is no line of demarcation with the grow out.
What are the styles of highlights that you do?
I foil and balayage.
Are highlights harsh on the hair? I know a lot of moms suffer from losing some hair after the baby comes, will this effect their hair at all?
Highlights can be harsh. A good stylist will keep the health of their client’s hair in mind and be realistic with them about their desired look and goals. They would also watch the hair with the timing, not allowing it to over process and recommend products to keep the hair healthy. Whatever hair is going to fall out postpartum will fall out regardless of color or cut. Highlights can help the hair have more volume and look fuller.
Describe what you did to my hair…
I did babylights on the top(foil highlights weaved very fine) to really brighten you up and balayaged everything else for an easy grow out. I applied a gloss at the end which helped to tone everything cooler and minimize golden hues.
Trends right now: What’s in?
Balayage is still in with a concentration of lightness on bottom and blending the highlights into the root. Babylights are also on trend for people that want more brightness toward the root. They create a soft blended highlight.

Tell us about Fox and Jane

Fox and Jane is a newer, quickly growing and very busy salon with locations in NYC, Brooklyn and San Diego. All the stylists are capable of cutting and coloring, staying up on all of the latest trends and techniques. We try to convey a laid back and friendly vibe in our salons.


Dirty blonde on left… Cooler version after a quick highlighting treatment on the right

beautiful salon1

Brooklyn’s awesome Fox and Jane interior


Could this amazing chalk illustration be any cooler?

Fox and Jane in Brooklyn

288 Atlantic Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11201

(646) 688-3643

Rebecca Conroy is an artist, stylist, and Editor of A Child Grows in Brooklyn. She is  from New York City, and has an MFA from Columbia University in screenwriting. Rebecca often finds herself on film and photography sets making things run or look better, and is the mom of two outrageously wonderful kids.