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KoKo NYC Soap Box Summer Workshop

KoKo NYC Soap Box Summer Workshop

Soap Box Summer Workshops encourage children to think outside the box. Over the course of the workshop, participants turn piles of seemingly useless trash into functional eco-friendly soap box cars while learning about construction and design and, more importantly, having fun. Our campers plan their inventions using sketches and calculations, bringing them to life with found and recycled objects. Under the strict supervision of our watchful counselors, students are introduced to a variety of tools, from the basic nails, hammers, and hand saws to drills, screws and power sanders. Time is spent outside collecting found objects and additional building materials, and the cars are tested at each stage. During the lunch hour the kids have the option for time at the playground to eat and have free play, or to continue work on their cars.

Kids can come for multiple weeks or just one week! Everyone makes a car and help prepare for the race! All cars “compete” in the final South Slope Derby at the end of August.

Ages:  7-14

Camp location: 239 17th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Dates: July 16th-August 24th