Throughout the gyms, classrooms, playgrounds, campgrounds, buses and trains, Y campers can be heard laughing, singing, playing and learning. Y Camps provide a positive and exciting camp experience, in a safe and accepting environment. Our programs enhance campers’ self-confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills through structured activities and interactive themes.

Camp themes include: “Time Travelers”, “Backpacking Around the World”, “Exploring the Islands” & “Hero’s Quest”. Our goal is to transform a gym space into an Olympic stadium, a table into a gourmet kitchen, a multipurpose room into a Broadway stage; and to transform a summer camp into a place of discovery, friendship, and joy.

Activities include: Art, Cooking, Culture, Dance, Enrichment, Fashion, General, Performing Arts, Science, Sports, Survival Camp, Theater, water slides, and poney rides.

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