City Stomp family classes are for kids between the ages of 6 months and 4 years who are growing up in New York City. The City Stomp music program celebrates the diversity of our city and seeks to expose NYC kids to the music of other cultures that live around them. Sounds that they may hear as noise coming from cars driving by or radios in the park become music to their ears as they explore music from Latin American, Caribbean, African, Irish and Jewish cultures. City Stomp also has fun original songs about Taxis, Garbage Trucks, the subway, Coney Island, and other NY experiences that young kids will understand and relate to. There are three different CDs and each CD features different songs about life in the city and highlights music from different cultures. Children are exposed to sounds and musical styles that they may not otherwise hear. Families come together for a 45 minute class to sing, play, dance, shake instruments and learn in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Children learn basic music skills like steady beat, following rhythms and staying on pitch and have a lot of fun doing it!