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Cinemakidz offers children ages 6-14 the chance to become Filmmakers, Animators, Movie-stars, and Adventurers when they join us for a week-long steam and film camp experience. Everyday campers work together on creative hands-on projects, learning the technical art of film and animation through exploration! Every project is kid-made from start to finish. We encourage participants to try new things, take risks, and learn by doing, in a creative exploratory and most importantly FUN environment! Whether your child dreams of being the next Scorsese, a dancer or even a YouTube star, we guarantee every child will find their creative voice through film and animation at CinemaKidz. We offer 3 amazing themes every week – Animation, Creative Filmmaking, and NYC Movie Adventurers!

Ages:  6-14

Camp location:Pine Street School, 25 Pine Street, New York, NY

Dates: Weekly sign ups from July 9th to August 10th

Phone(347) 699-6401