Art of Piano Playing Music School offers private piano lessons in New York City and Long Island for all ages and levels. Our piano teachers use legendary methods of the Russian Piano Pedagogy to help students reach their full potential and excel in piano performance. The Russian Piano Pedagogy places a lot of focus on technique, phrasing, touch and tone control as some ways of expressing the musical idea:

“In the music schools of Russia great stress is laid upon technique. Indeed, technical proficiency should be one of the first acquisitions of the student who would become a fine pianist. It is impossible to conceive of fine playing that is not marked by clean, fluent distinct, elastic technique. The technical ability of the performer should be of such a nature that it can be applied immediately to all the artistic demands of the composition to be interpreted.  At the same time an artistic interpretation is not possible if the student does not know the laws underlying the very important subject of phrasing. Unfortunately many editions of good music are found wanting in proper phrase markings. Some of the phrase signs are erroneously applied. Consequently the only safe way is for the student to make a special study of this important branch of musical art”.    S. Rachmaninov

Russian Piano-Schooling System still fascinates students all over the world. Musical events Russian artists participate in always represent a high quality artistic level.