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April 9th, 2016

11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
10:30 a.m. Entrance for Press and VIP ticket holders
Location: Industry City, 233 37th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

2015 Seminars & Activities

Seminars & Demos


11:30 AM – 12:10 PM

Birth & Beyond – Finding the Right Support and Feeling Prepared

The owners of Baby Caravan, Jennifer Mayer and Emily Crocker Skyrm, bring you useful tips to manage labor pain, talk about birth & postpartum doula care, and offer self-care measures to help you before and after the birth. Visit Baby Caravan’s Website.

About the Presenters:

Jennifer Mayer is a Maternity Wellness Expert living in Brooklyn, New York. She offers pregnancy, labor and postpartum support as a doula, and placenta encapsulation to clients in New York City. Her work has been featured on Anderson Cooper’s daytime program Anderson, New York Magazine and Flaunt magazine.




Emily+PictureEmily Crocker Skyrm spent the past eight years working with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families and has since become certified with Birth Arts International as a postpartum doula.  She now  uses the experience she has gained from raising her two sons, Charlie and Mac, to help build the confidence of new mothers in their emotional and physical adjustment to parenthood.

11:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Learn to love tummy-time!

Your touch and handling of your baby are a factor in shaping the path of your baby’s development including tummy-time.  Learn hands-on techniques with Dan Rindler, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Director of Child’Space NYC to help your baby to become truly comfortable in tummy-time.  This workshop is open to pre-crawling babies of all ages:  tummy-time “refuseniks”  and even those who already enjoy it will benefit.  Expecting parents are welcome to come watch too!  Visit Child’Space’ Website.

About the Presenter:

dan-rindlerDan Rindler
is an experienced Feldenkrais® and Child’Space practitioner, and a music teacher with over 20 years of experience of working with young children. He has a B.S. in Music Ed. from NYU and a M.M. in Early Music from Indiana University, Bloomington.

12:00 PM – 12:40 PM

Liana’s Touch of Music – Sample Class for Parents and Kids

Massaging and singing to your baby can be a wonderful way to bond, connect and heal.  Studies show that massage can help babies with quality of sleep, elimination, relief of gas/digestive issues and much more.  Music is a universal language that we all share and is an easy tool to use to communicate with your child as well as enhance their development.  Learn some of the benefits of massage, touch and music at this demonstration.

About the Presenter:

Singer/Songwriter Liana Harper Cruz is a licensed Kindermusik educator, Certified Educator of Infant Massage, and Vocal teacher.  When she became a mother, she began to realize the benefits of singing to and massaging her baby.  She is passionate about teaching parents how to bond and communicate with their children in fun ways using creative play, music and loving touch.

Visit Liana’s Website

12:00 PM – 12:20 PM
01:00 PM – 01:20 PM
02:00 PM – 02:20 PM

First Foods: Cooking for Your Baby

Massaging and singing to your baby can be a wonderful way to bond, connect and heal.  Studies show that massage can help babies with quality of sleep, elimination, relief of gas/digestive issues and much more.  Music is a universal language that we all share and is an easy tool to use to communicate with your child as well as enhance their development.  Learn some of the benefits of massage, touch and music at this demonstration.

Sponsored by  beaba

Learn how simple it is to make and store your baby’s food from scratch using seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables.

About the Presenter:

Tara Ciccone serves as the Brand Manager at Beaba USA – a company that develops products for smart parents of infants, including the Babycook which was the first baby food machine to hit the marketplace over 25 years ago. Tara’s experience includes juvenile products as well as fashion and her focus in her career has been on developing and managing interested marketing relationships across multiple channels. Tara has a passion for charitable outreach that helps children and spends much of her time educating others on how making small smart choices in food can have a huge lifelong impact.

12:15 PM – 12:55 PM

First Fevers, When to Call the Doctor, Breastfeeding Advice and More – Q&A with Premier Pediatrics

Pediatricians from Premier Pediatrics will join us to calm your fears and answer all your questions related to first fevers, breastfeeding, sleep solutions and more.

About the Presenter:

Julie CapiolaDr. Julie G. Capiola received her undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Georgetown University and her medical degree from Jefferson Medical College. During her pediatric residency at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, she was awarded the prestigious Morris Krosnick, M.D. award, given annually to the resident who best exemplifies a caring, compassionate and dedicated pediatrician whom you would want to take care of your own children.  Dr. Capiola has been a pediatrician at Premier Pediatrics since 2008.  She has appeared on CBS Health Watch regarding the breastfeeding friendly hospital initiative as well as on NBC’s The Today Show to discuss drowning and CPR.

1:00 PM – 1:40 PM

Raising a Good Sleeper

Confused by all of the conflicting information about how to teach your baby to sleep through the night and nap like a champ? Dr. Kennedy presents her science based and parent tested approach to infant sleep, giving you the tools you need to raise a good sleeper from birth.

About the Presenter:

Janet Krone Kennedy, PhD is a clinical psychologist, founder of NYC Sleep Doctor, and author of The Good Sleeper: The Essential Guide to Sleep for Your Baby (and You). Dr. Kennedy has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show and CBS This Morning, and widely quoted in publications such as Real Simple, Parents Magazine, Redbook, The Daily Beast, and The Huffington Post. Dr. Kennedy lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children.



Visit Janet’s Website

1:30 PM – 2:10 PM

What is the Optimal Home for My Growing Family? A Guide to Buying, Selling and Renting in Brooklyn

Sponsored by:





You just found out you’ll be expecting a bundle of joy, congratulations! But now you start to ask yourself how you will fit everyone into your current apartment… can we survive in a 1 bedroom with a baby? Where will our second child live? Is it possible for us to sleep in the bathtub?

Before you start thinking about converting the bathroom into a bedroom, let the professionals at Suitey help guide you through the various options available to upsize your space with your growing family. Topics covered will include:

  • Is this the right time to buy and what can I afford?
  • Should I consider the suburbs and sell my apartment?
  • How does the rental market look in Brooklyn?


About the Presenters:

Tyler HeadshotTyler Whitman has been in the real estate industry for nearly a decade. Tyler has participated in over 1,000 real estate transactions in NYC and has managed over 60 agents throughout his career. As Head of Sales at Suitey, Tyler is building one of the strongest sales teams in the industry.





Jennifer Profile PicJennifer Lee is a new mother and a Brooklyn local who started her career on Wall Street and transitioned to real estate with tremendous successes in sales and rentals across Brooklyn and Manhattan. Jennifer received her BA from UC Berkeley and MBA from Columbia.







Russ HeadshotRuss Rosenband leads Suitey’s Business Development Team. Russ began his career on Wall Street before transitioning to Suitey, and after a successful career as one of Suitey’s top real estate agents, he was asked to run strategy. He focuses on creating the best possible experience for Suitey’s clients.






Visit Suitey’s Website

1:45 PM – 2:25 PM

Legal Checklist for New and Expecting Parents

Sponsored by 




Having a baby presents many new questions for parents about what they should be doing from a legal perspective to properly plan for their family’s future. Elena Volkova will provide you peace of mind with her Essential Legal Checklist for New and Expecting Parents. Walk away from this seminar knowing exactly what items are the most time sensitive and how to find a good, trustworthy attorney to assist you in knocking these off your to-do list.

About the Presenter:

elena_volkovaElena Volkova, Esq., is a founding member of Volkova Law Group, a Manhattan law firm that was established in 2011 to serve the legal needs of local businesses, non-profits, and families. For more than a decade, Elena has worked with a wide range of clients—from individuals, start-ups, charitable organizations, and family-run enterprises to financial institutions and other large corporations, representing industries as diverse as insurance, communications, mining and investment management

Visit Elena’s Website

2:15 PM – 2:55 PM

Financial Security Planning: The Tools You and Your Loved Ones Will Need

Sponsored by




Private preschool, nanny, music class, soccer class, mortgage/rent, parking (or parking tickets!)…the list of any parent’s day-to-day financial commitments goes on and on.  What about savings – emergency fund, retirement, 401(k), 529 plans? What about life insurance, disability insurance, etc.?  Is your financial house in order? If your answer to this question is anything but a resounding YES, we encourage you to join this family financial planning seminar to learn what you need to be doing NOW to ensure the longevity of your family’s financial future.

About the Presenter:

Jessica WongJessica Wong, CPA/ Wealth Management Advisor, owns a financial planning and insurance practice in New York City (affiliated with Northwestern Mutual). Jessica graduated from the Wharton School of Business and was formerly a partner at the 5th largest CPA firm. She has over 18 years of experience in the financial service industry. Prior to joining Northwestern Mutual, Jessica managed a sizeable investment portfolio at Morgan Stanley.  Jessica is passionate about empowering her clients to make informed, educated choices that are right for themselves and those that they care about. Her clients range from individuals, families and business owners in various stages of their lives, across the country. Jessica lives in Westport, CT with her husband and daughter.


Scott JacobiScott Jacobi, Financial Representative, owns a financial planning and insurance practice in New York City (affiliated with Northwestern Mutual). He graduated from Western New England University School of Business. Scott has over 8 years of experience in the financial services industry.  Previously, he managed a retail trading desk for a top brokerage firm.  His mission is to build enduring relationships with his clients by helping them identify their financial security needs and focus on solutions that can help make those financial goals a reality.  He works with individuals, families, business owners in New York City and the tri-state area. Scott currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife.
Visit Northwestern Mutual’s Website

2:30 PM – 3:10 PM

Life Coaching for Parents: Finding Life/Work Balance

Find work/life balance on terms that work for you, and discover the solutions to parenting dilemmas that already exist within you.

About the Presenter:
Alexandra phillips

Alexandra Phillips has over ten years of experience in coaching and professional development.  She has worked with many organizations such as Lincoln Center, The New 42nd Street Inc., Hunter College, the New York City Department of Education, and Bank Street College.  For the past ten years, Alexandra has been a faculty member at Lincoln Center Education where she has written and facilitated teacher education training, and provided classroom instruction for Pre-K to 12, college, and graduate school students.  Alexandra is a graduate of Brown University and has an MFA from the Actor’s Studio Drama School, and is a member of ICF (the International Coaching Federation).  Helping parents to streamline their desires and achieve their goals is one of the most rewarding aspects of Alexandra’s work.

Visit Alexandra’s Website

All Day

Babywearing Demo with Sarah Longwell-Stevens and Baby Wearing International (BWI)


Lead by certified babywearing educator, Sarah Longwell-Stevens, these demos are the perfect introduction into what babywearing is and how to do it. She will cover everything from baby wraps, which are perfect for newborns, to carriers designed to help you wear your toddler. You’ll learn more about how to best position your baby for safety and comfort and how to choose the right carrier for you.

About the Presenter:

Sarah Longwell-StevensAs a certified babywearing educator (Babywearing institute), infant massage instructor (CIMI), lactation counselor (CLC), and postpartum doula PCD(DONA), Sarah Longwell-Stevens seeks to support parents during their transition to parenthood and help them discover the tools they need and the confidence within to feel successful in their new role.



11:15 AM – 11:55 AM

The Jolly Pops

Jolly pops

The Jolly Pops are a children’s music and entertainment group from Brooklyn, NY.  Their aim is to bring together artistic fathers from near and far to create exciting, highly engaging and educational concerts for the whole family.

A Jolly Pops show is fast paced, fun and includes original games, live action characters as well as puppets.  The music itself aims to heavily involve the audience as a whole through sing-alongs, dancing and other forms of participation.

“We are Happy Dads.  We are Jolly Pops.”

Visit the Jolly Pops’ Website

12:45 PM – 1:25 PM

Bilingual Birdies


Bilingual BirdiesBilingual Birdies is the most fun foreign language and live music program in New York (and now San Francisco). Imagine 45 minutes of an outstanding guitar-playing bilingual teacher who has been trained in Culture Academy, their very own teacher training program. Children up to age five learn through singing original tunes and traditional children’s songs from the region of where the language is spoken. Puppetry is also a shining aspect of the program which promotes social-emotional development. Parents get CDs and vocab sheets to keep the learning going on at home. Attend one of their free library classes, or invite them into your home for private lessons on any day and time you want. Languages include: Spanish, French, Mandarin, Hebrew and English (ESL).

Visit Bilingual Birdies’ Website

Book Signings at the Greenlight Bookstore table



12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Book Signing with Dr. Tovah P. Klein

Tovah-Klein-photosDr. Tovah Klein’s research and firsthand work with thousands of toddlers explains why the toddler brain makes their behavior so turbulent, and why your reaction to their behavior—the way you speak to, speak about, and act toward your toddler—holds the key to laying the foundation for life-long success. Dr. Klein reveals the new science behind developing crucial lifelong skills such as resilience, self-reliance, self-regulation, and empathy that are more critical to success than simple intelligence. How Toddlers Thrive helps parents to troubleshoot the day-to-day struggles (like getting out the door, mealtime, bedtime, tantrums, defiant behavior, toilet training) and to ensure that your toddler receives the kinds of positive attention, guidance and interactions they need at this unique window in their lives.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Book Signing with Dr. Janet Kennedy

The-Good-Sleeper-3d-e1417709189565Cry it out or co-sleep? Bassinet or swing? White noise machine or Bach? How many hours anyway? For something so important, there’s too much conflicting information about how best to get your baby to sleep through the night and nap successfully during the day. The Good Sleeper is a straightforward, no-nonsense answer to one of the biggest challenges new parents face when they welcome a brand new baby home. This book is written for exhausted parents, giving them immediate access to the information they need.