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Miss Megan can support your family with one or all of the following:

• Attention Moms and Dads! Do you find yourselves disagreeing on how to parent your child? Then it’s time to find a parenting plan that actually works and puts you on the same page. Miss Megan unveils a personalized formula everyone can adopt effortlessly.

Potty Training:
• Proactive Potty Training 101. From diapers to dressing in 6 simple steps.

• From unexpected temper tantrums to unnecessary dependence on security objects…Parent Expert in Child Effectiveness Techniques explores 10 behavioral time bombs. Watch out…they have long term effects on everyone’s quality of life!

Nanny vs. Governess—There is a Difference:
• NY’s most progressive Governess reveals the top myths and truths about having a Nanny vs. a Governess to help raise your kids. Then, take her simple quiz to find out which would be the best fit for your family.

• Picky eaters are a thing of the past, bringing out your child’s inner foodie with Miss Megan’s single most revolutionary foodie phrase.

• 10 Toddler approved eats just in time for Thanksgiving. Miss Megan cooks up a simple Toddleresque Feast!

Relationships/Life Coaching:
• From the playpen to the corner office, this profound and innovative philosophy will easily launch your child toward success! Miss Megan will reveal a universal yet tailored process that’s never too early or too late to implement.

First Time Parents:
•Attention First Time Parents! Time tested must-­‐have products for a clutter free home! What you really need vs. what your parents and society have taught you.

About Miss Megan:

“My passion is to provide inspiration and support to children and their parents. I believe we can free ourselves, from the limitations our minds have, and realize the contribution we are to our families, communities, and the world.” – Miss Megan

Miss Megan is the owner and founder of Conscious Proactive Parenting and Mantra Sleep Solutions. She is an innovator and an expert in her field. Her unique and creative methods of focusing on positive discipline and sleep training have serviced families within the greater New York City area and worldwide for years. In fact, Miss Megan has been a Governess for over fifteen years and has extensive experience working with children in a wide range of settings. Miss Megan is also a Montessori trained Directress, a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and successful Life Coach.

Most notably, Miss Megan’s greatest source of knowledge and expertise comes from being a working mother. Miss Megan is the proud mother of a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old. From direct experience, Miss Megan was able to utilize and integrate her strategies and methods to help improve her children’s sleeping, eating and behavioral patterns. One of Miss Megan’s greatest campaigns is knowing and teaching parents about the distinct difference between a Governess and a Nanny. Miss Megan has used her expansive knowledge to dispose of various myths and reveal the truth to New York metropolitan families, thus enabling them to attain a higher quality of care for their children. This is one small testimony to the revolutionary change that “The Miss Megan Effect” can bring to any home, forever revitalizing and revamping parenting and child care.