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Offering: Kids Ninja and Tumbling classes, Rock Climbing, Adult Small Group Training, Personal Training, Massage

Fitness Training at Everyday Athlete®:

  • Experience the everyday athlete® difference
  • The everyday athlete® method focuses on training movement, not muscle. when you move better you have more energy, lose weight, and enjoy life more. our method helps you develop efficient, quick, powerful, and confident movement abilities that translate and are felt in every day life. many of our clients have found that training with us regularly leads to an increased feeling of authentic happiness and well-being.

everyday athlete® Methodology:

Our method has evolved through years of practical experience and the application of scientific research. Traditional methods of training, such as muscle isolation, machine based training, aerobic training, and linear speed training can all lead to injury and leave the body ill-prepared for the demands of life. The everyday athlete draws upon fitness characteristics like: dynamic balance, speed, agility, quickness, multi directional movement skills, muscle reactivity, joint stability, whole body reaction skills, multi-joint strength, whole body power initiation, core power, deceleration and other attributes.

Service Offerings:

The everyday athlete® studio offers a wide variety of training service options to meet your needs. Whether you enjoy training on your own, with a large or small group, with a friend or teammate, with your team or staff members, or maybe you’re not sure what you prefer, we have the program for you.

We customize programs for:

  • women
  • kids
  • men
  • performance
  • outdoor & board sports surfing + snowboarding
  • recovery & stress reduction
  • meditation