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Helpful Books for Children on Death and Dying

August 3, 2016

As I have very recently lost my beloved Babcia (Grandmother in Polish) Ramona, I have been in a heavy state of grief. Not only was she the Matriarch of her entire clan, but she was my own personal spiritual guide and sense of security and safety in life. She was never supposed to die; no one I have ever known was tougher or stronger. The woman was 92 and never lived in a nursing home or anything like that. She didn’t use modern-day appliances (washing machines, microwaves, etc.) and was completely proud of it. She was steadfast, and one of a kind. How on earth are we supposed to explain to our small kids what death is (especially of a family member whom they have met many times and known) when we are grieving ourselves? Here is a list of helpful books for caregivers of small ones that can aid in the process. I am looking forward to reading some of them with my five year old daughter soon. 

~Rebecca Conroy, Editor of A Child Grows in Brooklyn

Always and Forever


I Remember Miss Perry


What is Death


Gentile Willow


The Invisible String


The Fall of Freddie the Leaf




The Next Place


Everett Anderson’s Goodbye


The Tenth Good Thing About Barney


Peach and Blue


A Complete Book about Death for Kids


Saying Goodbye to Grandma


We hope this list helps you and your family when you are faced with the mystery of a death and how to parent through the process of understanding and transition. 

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