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Newborns: Reading Their Cues, and Following Their Lead

Registry Rescue- King Kidlet is Here

February 7, 2016

Moms-to-be, friends and families of Moms-to-be: listen up! There is a NYC based baby registry consulting and concierge service. King Kidlet‘s goal is to guide expectant parents through the baby-product market, offering a service that tailors registries to fit the specific needs and personal styles of families living in the city. King Kidlet recently launched a new service, Registry Review. This service provides expectant parents the opportunity to have their registry reviewed by a professional, have all their baby-product related questions answered and receive expert advice on suggestions for changes and additions to their registry.

What made you come up with the concept of King Kidlet?

When my best friend from childhood became pregnant, she came to me for help with her registry. Having little experience with babies herself, she was completely overwhelmed by the baby-product market and the amount of choices available to her. After creating her registry, I was confident other expectant parents could benefit from a service that provides expert advice and an individualized registry experience.

What would you say that all new moms definitely need- top one or two things?

  1. A safe place to put your baby down. Ideally this a bouncer that is portable and lightweight enough that you can move it from room to room with you. The Bouncer Balance Soft, made by Baby Bjorn, is a good choice since it only weighs 4.6 lb and reclines into three different positions. It even collapses all together, meaning you can store it away when it’s not in use which is great for apartment living.
  2. A good quality baby wrap or structured carrier. For the days when you don’t want to put your baby down (or your baby insists on being held) a wrap is important to have on hand. You can still move about and have two hands available which means you might even fit in a square meal. My personal favorite is the Solly Baby Wrap. Made with super soft material and an array of gorgeous fabric colors, it keeps you baby close and snug.

What sorts of things do you think registries lack, and are doing well with these days?

King Kidlet was founded on the approach of providing expectant parents with a completely  individualized registry experience from start to finish. I meet with each of my clients to get to know them on a personal level. Our registries are therefore tailored to fit the specific needs and lifestyles of families. Most traditional registries lack the amount of personal attention we are able to provide our clients. My advice to new parents when creating a baby registry is to really consider their lifestyle and do their own research to make sure the products they choose are well suited for their family.

Tell me about your clients so far and how they have reacted to their experience?

Essential to all my clients is that their registries contain the safest and most reliable baby gear on the market. Also of importance to my clients is that their personal style be taken into consideration. My clients feel a huge sense of relief from avoiding the need to tackle the baby-product market on their own while gaining access to trusted source they can fully rely upon.

Natalie Gentile Bio Photo

A former NYC nanny and preschool teacher, Natalie Gentile draws from a wide range of experience in early childhood education to carefully select the safest and most reliable baby gear on the market. As the founder of King Kidlet, Natalie’s niche expertise allows her to skillfully guide expectant parents through a saturated baby-product market, ensuring parents are informed and prepared. Natalie believes baby registries can be tailored to fit the specific needs and personal style of any family.