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10 Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

May 4, 2015

As Mother’s Day approaches, the pressure to find that perfect gift increases. While you are likely inundated with advertising in an effort to persuade you to purchase gifts that aren’t necessarily good for the environment, you can show you care while keeping Mother Earth in mind, and these 10 eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas can help you make the best choice.

1) Eco-Friendly Floral Arrangement
Flowers have long been a popular gift idea, but many are grown using harmful chemicals and pesticides. Before going to a random greenhouse, call ahead to see if they carry certified eco-friendly arrangements. Furthermore, if you plan to have the flowers shipped, check ahead to ensure the boxes are made from recycled materials.

2) Eco-Encouraging Ideas
A great way to help the environment is to buy mom a gift that will encourage her to reuse in her daily life, and there are a number of gifts she will love that will help her stay green all year long. Among the reusable gifts, consider including reusable shopping bags, decorative water bottles and coffee mugs.

3) Keeping Control
It can be difficult to identify just how certain products are manufactured. However, when you choose a handmade gift for mom, the power is within your control. Whether you create a greeting card, scrapbook, or other creative piece, you can use things around the house such as household fabrics and other recyclables.

4) Unique Spa Day Twist
Few women would pass up a spa day, and you can add an eco-friendly twist. Purchase a spa day pass, and include with it an organic spa robe. These products are typically made using 100 percent cotton or organic bamboo, ensuring a comfortable fit that will leave her feeling truly relaxed and pampered on her special day.

5) Eco-Friendly Candles
Mom is usually very busy, and a great way to encourage her to wind down after a long day is to buy decorative scented candles for her to use during a relaxing bath in her green bathroom. To ensure you keep it eco-friendly, opt for products made from beeswax or soy. Unlike paraffin candles, these are natural and safe for the environment.

6) Sweet Treats
Mother’s Day is a time for moms to indulge, and what better way than to enjoy a sweet treat. Consider creating a chocolate basket made from organic materials. Include in it chocolates which do not contain genetically modified organisms or artificial ingredients.

7) As Green as it Gets
What better way to incorporate eco-ethics than to use your green thumb. Arrange for mom to spend the day out of the house and plant a garden in her backyard. Whether you choose flowers or her favorite veggies, it will carry aesthetic appeal. You can even include new gardening tools made from sustainable materials.

8) Classic Jewelry
Jewelry is a Mother’s Day classic, but many of these products do not promote environmental conservation. Do a little bit of homework and find a company which uses recycled materials. You can even get creative and buy her a beautiful piece made from materials such as recycled glass.

9) Natural Beauty Products
Every woman wants to feel beautiful. Unfortunately, many fail to look at the ingredients of their beauty products. Save Mom the trouble and purchase an array of beauty products free of chemical preservatives and artificial fragrances. Consider items such as solid perfumes, skin creams, natural body sprays, or natural deodorants.

10) Charitable Donation
Mothers are generally caring, and yours may prefer to have love spread in her name rather than receiving a gift. Consider making a donation in her honor. You could also give her a gift while donating by considering buying from an organization that spreads awareness of a cause.

With these helpful ideas, you can be quickly on your way to finding that special present that will truly manifest your love in a way that will have a positive impact on both your mother and the world we live in.


Patricia Dimick
is a Denver based writer and a passionate coffee drinker. She loves to write about parenting topics and loves DIY jobs. When Patricia’s not writing or playing table tennis, she usually spends time with her precious daughter and a husband enjoying trips to nature. You can follow her on Twitter @patricia_dimick or find her on Google+Facebook or Pinterest.