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Neighborhood News: More Closings & Updates

December 23, 2014
closed sign

Last week we updated our readers that sadly the Park Slope Tea Lounge which hosted many sing-a-longs closed after 14 years but there may be some good news.  An article on dnainfo.com is reporting that Tea Lounge regulars want to take over the spot so there could be more sing-a-longs soon!  We will update as we learn more.

Sadly more closings have happened.  ABC 7 reported that after 40 years of business in Sheepshead Bay the El Greco Diner closed on Friday December 19th.  If the news of its closing is making you hungry for diner food Sheepshead Bites has a list of diners where you can get your diner food fix.

A reader had asked what happened to ‘sNice?  Per an article on Park Slope Stoop ‘sNice was unfortunately closed by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Anymore more closings?  Any openings?  Have a tip?  Leave a comment and we will check it out.