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Small Kid Big City: Capturing Your Child's Moments – Governor's Island

May 23, 2013

Each week Alethea will be sharing a photo that showcases Brooklyn/NYC life to inspire you with places to visit simply to explore the city and have fun with your kids, but that are also great photo locations. She will also include a photo tip of the week.


Location: Governor’s Island

Story: If you’re looking for a mini-escape from the city without actually leaving town but that involves a boat (big hit with the kids) you need to take a trip to Governor’s Island, which opens for the season this coming Sunday May 26th and stays open until September 30th.

Ferries run from both Manhattan and Brooklyn and are themselves quite a thrill for the kids (although be prepared for some waiting in line).

This photo is from a trip we did last year on Memorial Sunday with both Liam (then 3) and Jack (then 5 months old). To be honest, still in newborn sleep deprivation mode at that time, I only remember that because I just checked the date on the photos!

But I do remember this beautiful flower filled grassy area and lying on a blanket with my eyes closed for a few blissful new-mom-of-two minutes.

This week’s photo tip: as a busy parent, let’s face it, your memory is probably not as good as it used to be! Use your camera to help you by capturing the moments you know you’ll want to remember, one, five, ten, or even fifty years down the line. The act of taking photos, then editing and sharing them, will strengthen your memories… and of course you will also have the photos themselves to remind you.

alethea_boys_200Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick is a family photographer and photography coach with Photosanity. Alethea is a former architect and interior designer and Clinton Hill mom to two boys, Liam, aged four, and Jack, aged one. She’s on a mission to help parents more fully experience the precious fleeting moments of their children’s lives through photography.

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