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FirstBIKE Review and Giveaway: Leave the Training Wheels in the Dust – GIVEAWAY CLOSED

May 16, 2013

smiling on bike

My daughter (3 years old) mastered the scooter early on but was never really interested in trying a bike. Then we got the FirstBIKE and everything clicked! She took to it immediately, finding her balance quickly and propelling herself effortlessly. The FirstBIKE is a balance bike that allows kids to learn to ride without having to use training wheels. It is really lightweight but I can tell it is extremely durable from all of the beatings it has taken. It has a hand break on the right handle bar that was fairly easy for her to get in the habit of using.

hug on bike

My daughter gets practically mobbed by her friends on the playground when she brings her FirstBIKE. It is really sleek looking with excellent tires.

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The bike is designed for 2-5 year olds with a minimum seat height of 12 inches. My just turned two year old boy had a harder time grasping the balance concept but his feet touched the ground comfortably and with practice I can tell it will be his new favorite mode of transportation, if my daughter let’t him on it again!

We are very excited to give one lucky reader a FirstBIKE in the color of their choice!


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More info:

FirstBIKE is designed for ages 22 months to 5 years.  Its minimum seat height of 12 inches (with Lowkit accessory) enables even 2-year-olds to master the sensation of keeping their balance within hours.  Weighing only 8.6 lbs., FirstBIKE is almost three times lighter than a traditional pedal bike with training wheels.  This balance bike is truly a model of great design and craftsmanship –  instead of using training wheels or inflexible materials like wood or metal, FirstBIKE was designed without pedals and with a flexible and durable high-tech frame.  Only the highest quality materials are used for every FirstBIKE,  including a high-tech injection-molded composite frame that doesn’t scratch, splinter, swell or rust thanks to its frame and fork made from 30% glass fiber reinforced nylon composite.  In my demonstrations of this bike, I lay it on its side and jump up and down on the frame to show how flexible it is! All of this affords tots who train onFirstBIKE safety, balance and pride from the start.  This allows them to smoothly transition to pedal bikes without ever needing training wheels!

The FirstBIKEs are loaded with safety and durability features to make these the best balance bikes anywhere, in any conditions. Inventor and father Coerschulte and the Netherlands-based FirstBIKE are in Europe, where balance bikes are the norm and seen everywhere, unlike in the U.S. where they’re a relative novelty, so Coerschulte set out to make the safest and best bike in the market. The revolutionary frame material gives it flex for comfort and posture support, strength for durability and lightness for great maneuverability.  FirstBIKE features a grippy, cushioned “horse saddle” seat preventing children from slipping off while riding downhill and which absorbs shock from bumps in the road.  Most importantly, the unique rear-drum braking system makes FirstBIKE the safest balance bike ever (most balance bikes lack a braking system at all, or have a V-brake that can pinch little fingers!) There are no pokey, sharp parts for a child to get hurt with, either.

As its American website, www.FirstBIKE.us proclaims, this two-wheeler is all about a first sense of balance, first sense of fun and first sense of adventure. Parents will be impressed with the first impression of the pure design.  Online consumers can choose playful accessories to match the personality of the child. Color options, tire options, a LowKit™ lowering kit, baskets, bells, a MonoSki™ ski attachment and more make FirstBIKE a work of art, function and safety.