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Subway Sleuths Returns to NY Transit Museum

February 1, 2013

Subway Sleuths is back at the NY Transit Museum for another fun-filled, 10-week semester of after-school activities for kids on the autism spectrum, ages 7 – 12.

The program uses collaborative train and transit activities to stimulate social development among peers. Participants meet weekly inside the New York Transit Museum, housed in a historic 1936 IND subway station in Brooklyn Heights. There, they immerse themselves in transit history, getting the chance to explore the artifacts and hands-on interactives offered in the Museum’s collection.

A special educator, a speech language pathologist trained in ASD support, and a Transit Museum educator all work together to assist participants and encourage them in group activities. Instructors carefully record each student’s progress each week, and the 1:2 adult to student ratio gives them the ability to structure lessons around individual needs.

The program is divided by age level and meets three days a week:

Tuesdays after school for 7-9 year olds,

Wednesdays after school for 10-12 year olds,

and a new group forms this semester on Saturday mornings for 8-10 year olds.

All groups meet weekly for 10 weeks.


1) Balloon activity: pairs pick a stop on the R or F line. Pairs have to communicate so they don’t pick same stop. Make sign for stop. When their stop is called out, balloon is thrown into middle of circle and pair must catch it before it hits the ground (work together).

2) Switch game: in ElectriCity exhibit, one person yells “SWITCH” and each pair must run to another part of the exhibit. No two pairs can be at same part at same time.

3) Jeopardy – trivia questions in two teams of 4

4) Puzzle – Cut-up subway map put back together in groups

5) Train Track – Building wooden train track together

Cost: $350 for 10 weeks. Scholarships are available for families in need.

Subway Sleuths is supported by a generous grant from Autism Speaks.

Space is still available in the observation sessions happening on Saturday, February 2nd, and Wednesday, February 6th.  Email Julie at subwaysleuths@gmail.com for more information.