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Support a Brooklyn Business with a Focus on Tweens and Teens

January 3, 2013

Tucked away in an office on Jay Street in DUMBO, in the heart of start-up land, is a small team with big plans.  Like the other new tech companies nearby – Etsy, How About We, Magsty and so many others – Outthink Inc. wants to change things. Specifically, they want to revolutionize children’s education by combining mobile technology with proven instructional methods to ignite minds beyond early childhood.

CEO Andrea Sheehan is a Brooklyn mom of four who up until this year worked full-time in publishing.  She took a look at her own children’s education and realized that there was a gap— not just in education, but in the way kids today are taught. They begin to lose interest in school once they hit the middle grades, when standardized tests and thick textbooks make learning just plain BORING. Not to mention, learning topics become increasingly irrelevant to everyday life and difficult to understand, resulting in frustration. The mountains of homework start piling up, and kids begin equating school with irritation and disappointment. She wondered, how do we hold their interest during these pivotal years?

She saw a way to fill that void and took the plunge to form her own company,  bringing together teachers, scientists, gamers, instructional designers, and kids to create a learning experience that makes kids smarter, more confident, and engaged.

Her company has created an Alliance of Scientists who use gameplay to teach fundamental science principles and critical thinking skills.Their goal? To create the next generation of superstars. Their first app, Tornado Maker (due out this spring), teaches the basic ingredients of a storm (such as mass, volume, density, buoyancy, air pressure, and wind speed) and lets kids build and manipulate a tornado right on their tablet. In the following app, Tornado Master, they take on the roles of scientists and tackle tornado prediction.

Outthink is asking parents and teachers to back them in saying WE WANT BETTER LEARNING APPS FOR TWEENS AND TEENS.  This is not about building Tornado Maker; it’s about parents and teachers who want good educational apps and experiences for their kids at every age.  It’s also about helping out our Brooklyn neighbors!

To support their Kickstarter campaign—even the smallest amount will make a difference—head over to Kickstarter and help create the next generation of geniuses!