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Need Help Finding a Mover? Meet Unpakt!

January 11, 2013

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I absolutely dread moving – the packing, purging, organizing, list-making …but do you know what I hate the most? Finding a reputable and FAIR moving company. I have moved throughout Brooklyn three times (not for the faint of heart, as most of us long-time city-dwellers know), and each time I had to call half a dozen moving companies for estimates. That meant waiting for estimators to show up, walking each one through my move and spending time I didn’t have to end up with half a dozen estimates that were all over the map in terms of pricing.  If I had to tell someone one more time that I wasn’t taking the box spring with me, I would have collapsed on the mattress myself.

Once I collected all the estimates, I had a jumble of papers in front of me, all with varied line items. One quoted four wardrobe boxes, another one said six – it was like comparing completely different moves. Sometimes I felt like I was doing eenie mienie minie moe, crossing my fingers and throwing salt over my back when I finally decided on one. Would they get there on time, with everything intact, and oh- would the price be the same as was quoted? Not a chance.

The good news is that we can all rest assured that we’ll never have to go through this headache again!  Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you to the expedia of moving….Unpakt!

Forget calling every moving company anyone has ever recommended to get quotes. With Unpakt, you make only ONE call, and they will give you EXACT pricing.  No ballpark estimates or hourly rates. Compare movers with confidence with an exact price and breakdown of what’s included.  Add a mirror to your move and the price goes up.  Pass it on to your Aunt May and the price goes down.  There’s no guesswork in your final moving price. It’s guaranteed.

How do you know if you are choosing a good mover?  With Unpakt, you can compare 13 of NYC’s most trustworthy movers, side-by-side, by checking out user reviews, ratings and their exact prices. You know who you are choosing and why.

I’m not the only one who thinks it’s pretty cool: Unpakt has been featured in The NY Times, Crain’s, Tech Crunch and named one of The Next Web’s Top 10 Apps for Home & Work 2012.  If you are thinking of moving, all you have to do is login and move things in and out of your inventory. It takes an average of just under an hour to price out your entire move. Slick.

We even have a special discount for A Child Grows in Brooklyn readers! Enter promo code ACGB2013 at checkout for 10% instant cash back on your next move! (Expires 3/31/2013)

855.2UNPAKT  (855.286.7258)


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