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Free Breast Pumps. Really?

January 28, 2013


Breast pumps, breast pumps, get your free breast pumps!

Within the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is a provision requiring insurance companies to cover breast pumps and visits to lactation consultants at no cost to the patient.

This makes me wonder how hospitals and OBGYN’s will change their approach to breastfeeding and the support that is needed. And what does this mean for all the professionals in the field? Will breastfeeding and lactation support be taken more seriously?

Yummy Mummy, a boutique store located on the UES specializing in breast pumps and accessories, was recently selected as one of only six national Aetna breast pump providers. This means that most moms with Aetna can get a breast pump or supplies from Yummy Mummy at no out-of-pocket cost – no co-pay, coinsurance or deductible. Yummy Mummy is working towards being included on other insurance panels beginning in January 2013 when most moms will become eligible for breast pump products and services.

I spoke with Amanda Cole, owner of Yummy Mummy, and she says pumps are flying off the shelf. They are opening a call center in the coming weeks just to handle all the business. And apparently there is a shortage of breast pumps as the industry is trying to figure all this out.

Pretty interesting stuff! If you want more information, see the recent stories on NPR and the Washington Post. And you can order from Yummy Mummy online and they have same day delivery to Brooklyn.