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Brooklyn’s One Million Moms for Gun Control Needs You!

January 4, 2013

The day after the Sandy Hook Tragedy, some Brooklyn moms joined One Million Moms for Gun Control.  They felt they had to do something to help keep the gun control issue prevalent in discussion as events fade from the headlines.   An Indiana mom, Shannon Watts, founded the national chapter on December 15th and the first local chapter was established in Brooklyn. *You can join your Brooklyn neighbors on it here. Now there are over 50 chapters across the country. Brooklyn’s chapter needs you!

The organization is all about getting sensible gun laws in place. Like Mothers Against Drunk Driving helped change lax laws in the 1980s, One Million Moms for Gun Control will not rest until common sense gun control regulations are put in place at both the national and state level. They are reaching out to local officials as well to push for the following four changes:

1) Reinstate the ban on assault weapons and related magazines.
2) Close gun-show loopholes that encourage private gun sales without background checks.
3) Set boundaries on how much ammunition a person can purchase.
4) Limit the scope of concealed weapons laws at the state level.


Today, Jan 3, 1MMFGC is encouraging people across the country to send a strong message out to Congress, the NRA and President Obama and VP Biden by signing a petition saying that action needs to be taken.


-You can sign the petition by clicking here: http://www.blastroots.com/campaign/1-million-moms-for-gun-control#.UOWXDJPjn9J

This Friday, Jan 4 at 5:30pm a group from 1MM4GC’s NYC-area chapters is going to join Harlem Mothers SAVE ‘s (Stop Another Violent End) candlelight vigil in Harlem to draw attention to the recent spate of shootings in Upper Manhattan. They think it’s important to join SAVE, as a reminder that promoting gun control isn’t just about mass tragedies like Sandy Hook, but the day-to-day violence that claims too many lives. If you’d like to head over with their group, please contact Erika, the chapter leader for Manhattan, at erika.gottfried@gmail.com. For more information on Harlem Mothers SAVE, you can go to http://harlemmotherssave.com/

– They are planning a large City Hall rally on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Jan. 21st. They are working on getting permits, so they are not ready to formally announce the details, but please mark your calendar for that morning. They thought it was an appropriate date to have a family friendly rally, honoring Dr. King’s legacy of striving for peace. Jan 21 is also Inauguration Day.

If you would like to receive more information and hear about upcoming events:
Like then on Facebook OneMillionMomsForGunControlBrooklynChapter
follow them on Twitter @1MM4GC
The Our national website is  onemillionmomsforguncontrol.org.

Here is to a peaceful 2013.

Many thanks!
Marcie Bohan