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Mommy Boxing + Baby Bungee + Climbing? Uh Huh!

December 18, 2012

Baby Bungee class (though this pic is from the Carroll Gardens location, the BH location will have the same class)

Everyday Athlete® is a Brooklyn fitness studio that has some of the most glowing reviews of any business in our Marketplace.  So, it’s welcome news that the Carroll Gardens fitness company has opened a second location in Brooklyn Heights.

The new studio’s central feature is a custom-built, 2,500-square-foot bouldering wall that’s integrated into classes from Cardio Boxing to Half-Hour Core Power. Climbing and boxing? Sounds like an intensely good workout to me.

The wall with boxing equipment for a combined workout

The 17-foot, 7-inch climbing wall is the highest bouldering wall in Brooklyn and covers nearly the entire inside perimeter of the studio.

The bouldering wall at Everyday Athlete

When you visit, don’t expect to see people sweating it out on cycles or treadmills while glued to televisions. Instead, the studio is committed to serious play which means workouts that draw inspiration from diverse sports such as surfing, boxing, and ballet.

A boot camp class at the Brooklyn Heights location

Current class selections include for Adults:

  • Everyday Athlete: The studio’s signature boot-camp-style class that balances interval cardio with movement-based strength training
  • BetaMax Climbing: Hybrid open bouldering session and small group class
  • Half-Hour Core Power: Targeted, challenging workout aimed at reducing injury and increasing movement efficiency and stability
  • Mommy Boxing + Baby Bungee: Aerobic boxing and movement to help moms build awareness, core strength, balance, flexibility, and stamina while babies learn basic socialization and gross motor skills
  • Prenatal Strength: Building strength, energy, and stamina needed for a healthy pregnancy and delivery

Current class selections include for Kids:

  • Tumbling: Functional play integrated with basic gymnastics; classes are divided into four age groups (9 months to 3 years)
  • Everyday Athlete Kids: Everyday Athlete’s climbing wall is just one tool used in building strength, coordination, focus, and social skills

Everyday Athlete
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130 clinton street
brooklyn, ny 11201

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