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Send a Personal Video Message from Santa

November 29, 2012

Santa Claus is now online, and available to send a personalized video message to your kids. This is one of my kids favorite “Santa sightings.” The customized videos feel magical: “how does Santa know who I am?”, “where did he get that photo of me?!”

And the magic for you? You don’t have to leave your home to do it and it takes about 8 minutes. Sound good? Read on…..

Just head to the Portable North Pole, load some photos up of your children, write in some details and voila! Santa looks in “his book” at your kids’ photos, reminds them to do some behaviour you have been egging them to do all year (like be kind to their brother), mentions a gift they have been asking for, and reminds them to be good. It’s adorable, fun and priceless…and it’s all for free! My kids loved it and watched the video endlessly.

Here is a screenshot of the book I made for my daughter

P.S.- if your kids’ questions like, “how do reindeer fly?” stump you, check out the new “Behind the Scenes” Q and A section on the site. It helped provide me with a great answer to “How can Santa deliver all those presents in one night?” Answer: “Very few people know that Santa can control the rotation of the Earth… and therefore, he also controls time!”