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New Brooklyn Learning Center for Tutoring, Testing Help & Early Dev & More

November 30, 2012

Concerning Learning's gets kids' noggins joggin'.

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We know how important the brain is and so we protect our kids from head injury. We strap on bike helmets, line our playgrounds with rubber mats and we buckle our kids in difficult-to-install car seats.

We also know how important exercise is for our kids so we take them to the playgrounds and walk blocks and blocks with them to the subway.

In the  PBS’ special, “Brain Fitness for Kids”, a neuroscientist states “we can train this amazing structure (the brain) to help children become more fit and ready for lifelong learning, and the earlier in life we start with such exercise, the better.”

So, if we can help them early, help them with what they are struggling with and help them exercise their brain- why not?

Staci Rosen, a local Brooklynite, alumna of Bank Street College’s masters program in General and Special Education, certainly thinks that exercising the brain for lifelong learning is important. Staci opened Concerning Learning this fall: a boutique learning company that provides “brain fitness” for all ages. She has found a way to help kids get their noggins joggin’ with everything from tutoring, to testing, to study skills.

Staci Rosen

With 10 years with experience as a special and general education teacher, private learning services provider, a SEIT and SETTS provider and educational consultant, Staci combines all her experience and knowledge to train those brains!

Do you have a child that needs tutoring?
Report cards just came out and Staci and her team can help develop a game plan for helping a child get a better grasp of math concepts, reading comprehension, writing and more. Concerning Learning’s coaches tutor in a multisensory way that is both creative and interactive- and can mean success for your child in school.

Does your child need help with organization and study skills?
Highlighting, note-taking, homework-planning, budgeting time and more can help your child develop skills that will last her lifetime.

Do you have a child who needs help in testing?
Staci and her associates at Concerning Learning do test preparation for G&T, ERB, NY State Exams, ISEE, SSAT, SAT, ACT, – just to name a few.

Have a preschooler who you would like to give a head start?
They offer help in developing letter and sound recognition, reading readiness, auditory processing and more.

Have a child with special needs?
They can help provide you with a qualified SETTS provider or work with your child who might be struggling with transitions or following directions. They also have extensive experience working with children with a multitude of diagnoses including ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, LD, Poor Executive Function, Language Processing Disorders and other learning challenges.

How does it work?
Initially, you meet with Staci at her Brooklyn office for a consultation where she and her associates get input from you and then administer their own tests to assess how they will create a curriculum for your child.  They then select the materials and customize a program just for your family.  Follow-up service can either be at your home or at their offices in downtown Brooklyn.

Office is at 147 Prince Street in downtown Brooklyn

The consultation is free if you purchase any of their prepaid packages of sessions, or it’s $75 for the appointment.

Concerning Learning is located at Green Desk in downtown Brooklyn and easily accessible from all subway lines. (B,Q,R,N,2,3,A,C,F)

Concerning Learning Office at 147 Prince Street in Downtown Brooklyn

Concerning Learning
at Green Desk (by appointment only)
147 Prince St. 15b (downtown Brooklyn)
Brooklyn, NY  11201
Staci Rosen concerninglearning@gmail.com

The office is right off Flatbush between Myrtle and Willoughby near the Dekalb and Nevins stops and right off the Manhattan bridge (with parking on Myrtle).