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Responses to Park Slope Public School Rezoning

October 25, 2012

Park Slope Rezoning Proposal

There has been a lot of press about the proposed zoning changes to schools in Park Slope/District 15- it’s a major change that caught a lot of us by surprise. Below, I’ve listed what I thought were the best articles on the subject.

In response to the proposal, some parents have created grassroots ways to tell the CEC (Community Education Council) about your disapproval of the proposal. Those are listed below too.


Report: My 2 Cents About Re-Zoning Park Slope (our own post from Joyce Szuflita of NYCschoolhelp.com)

Parents Rally Against Park Slope School Rezoning Proposal (DNAinfo.com)

Park Slope Residents Upset Over Rezoning Plan (NY1)


Coalition of Residents for Fair Rezoning– A website set up to those opposed to the rezoning. This is the central place where parents are gathering to voice their opposition.

Did you know that If you don’t agree with the Park Slope Public School Rezoning, you can sign a petition? (sent in from a reader)
Here is the link.