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Haunted House Movie on Monday

October 11, 2012

If you love classic movies and want to share them with your child in an actual theater, then head out to the popular series Big Movies for Little Kids. This series, begun by two mothers, is meant to be totally casual: no one minds if your child bursts into tears or runs into the aisles. In fact, it’s downright expected.  Just make sure you arrive early as it often sells out.

The series is for ages 2 years and up at Cobble Hill Cinemas for $7 a ticket. All walkers need tickets and can be purchased ahead of time at www.cobblehilltheatre.com.

This Monday, in honor of Halloween, check out Buster Keaton in “Haunted House.”
Slightly scary shorts for Halloween!  Buster is an honest bank teller who is falsely accused of a counterfeiting scheme. The real counterfeiters have rigged a house to appear haunted to throw off the police, and our hapless hero.  Haunted House is full of inventive sight gags, amazing Keaton acrobatics, and one hilarious staircase.  Also showing, two more Keaton shorts.  (1921; USA; not rated; black and white; silent with intertitles; total running time: approximately 60 minutes)

Monday, October 15th at 4pm
Cobble Hill Cinemas
Time: 4pm (every other Monday, following the public school calendar)
Location: Cobble Hill Cinemas, 265 Court Street @ Butler Street, Brooklyn
Subway:  F train to Bergen Street
Cost:  $7.00 per person (as per theater policy, all walkers need a ticket)
To secure seats at Cobble Hill Cinemas, tickets may be purchased on-line at: www.cobblehilltheatre.com