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Best and Most Hilarious Etsy Costumes I Could Find in Under 3 Hours

October 17, 2012

Could you die right now? This angler fish cape from Pipandbean at Etsy is the best!

Just for fun I have been searching Etsy for innovative, creative and hilarious costumes…I spent way too much time looking (yawn….)

Is this fish costume the best or what?

Billed as a Nemo or fish costume, this outfit made me laugh more than any of the others. For $49 from pipandbean, I’m sure your kid would be the hit of the Halloween parade.

Toddler Chef outfit

This tot chef looks like he is ready his own show with his leg poised just so and his adorable smile. This costume is from BabyByrs and runs from $12 for pants and more for hat and top.

Alice costume available in sizes 2T to 8

This amazing costume seems fit for a stage production and at $195, I have no doubt it is. LittleShenanigans has some of the most luxurious delicious costumes I have ever seen!

Pirate Boy size 7

This pirate has attitude! No surprise then that this costume comes from a shop named Rockstar Dollies. This pirate outfit is $36.

Feathered wings

These fanastic feathered wings can make an owl, a rainbow fish or just about anything! Made from upcycled ecofelt, these sleeves are $60 each. Buy a mask at the same time- and you have a bird! From the Treehousekid.

A baby Mr. Potato Head?

No, this isn’t a costume for a Cabbage Patch doll- but for a baby. Yes. Infants from 3 months to 12 months can be a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head- slip it on and you have the cutest toy in the neighborhood. It’s $40 from MotherFrakers.