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ZZZZZ Help: Need a Sleep Consultant?

August 29, 2012

Ahh..yes- falling asleep anywhere will do when you are sleep deprived!

If you are dozing off during the day, snapping at people for minor infractions and just all around not feeling like yourself….you might be sleep deprived. If it’s your child that is keeping you up at night because they are waking up every 45 minutes, having nightmares, waking you up with wet beds, unable to put themselves to sleep  or…. (fill in your reason)…you might consider contacting a sleep consultant.

We have a list of sleep consultants in our new Marketplace with reviews for many of them. If you used a sleep consultant, please leave a review, and if you need one, check out all of them here.

Wishing you all good zzzzzzzs!