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Watch the Olympic Soccer Gold at Upper 90

August 8, 2012

Sometimes watching the Olympics without a cheering crowd just isn’t that much fun. What if you could watch the Olympic soccer matches in a mini-stadium with a large screen along with fellow enthusiasts all within a subway ride or walk?
Upper 90 Brooklyn has turned their indoor field into a stadium for the London Olympics: with theater-style seating, an HD projection screen, and 5.1 channel surround sound, it’s a perfect place to watch Olympic Soccer! Entry is free and reservations are not required.

Upper 90 Brooklyn has invited A Child Grows and our friends to watch the Olympic soccer gold medal match between the United States and Japan- Thursday, August 9, at 2:45pm(!), at Upper 90 Brooklyn (359 Atlantic Ave at Hoyt).  Allie Long, member of the U-23 United States National Team, will be available to answer questions during halftime. They will also have news stations on hand filming the event.

You can watch all the matches at Upper 90. Here is the full schedule:

Seating in The Zone is free. Reservations are not required. Feel free to bring food and drinks to the Olympic Zone.

Thursday, August 9 – Women’s Soccer (Finals)

@2:45pm: United States vs Japan – Gold Medal Match – United States U23 player Allie Long will be answering questions during halftime. Japanese news station NHK World will be reporting from the store.

Friday, August 10 – Men’s Soccer (Finals)
@2:45pm: Korea vs Japan – Bronze Medal Match

Saturday, August 11 – Men’s Soccer (Finals)
@10:00am: Brazil vs Mexico – Gold Medal Match

Sunday, August 12 – Men’s Soccer
@10:00am: English Community Shield f/ Chelsea vs Manchester City (kick-off is at 8:30am but the store won’t open until 10:00am)
@2:00pm: German Super Cup f/ Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund

Many thanks to the New York Red Bulls, Sixpoint Beer, Mile End Deli, and KickTV for their co-sponsorship of the stadium!

More information on the match and Upper 90 is available here.