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Thinking of Homeschooling? You Aren’t Alone- So Are A Lot of Parents

August 1, 2012

Class at Imaginary Space in Greenpoint

Finding the right school in Brooklyn is stressful: whether you are shocked by the high cost of private school or frustrated by double booked seats at the best public schools or just the lack of desirable schooling options, it’s enough to make one start thinking outside the box- really outside the box. Like becoming a teacher to your kids, as in…. homeschooling.

Homeschooling has definitely crossed my mind (for a fleeting moment): I know I don’t have enough patience and that I crave consistent social interaction (and, therefore, by default, my children must too, right?!) I’m not the only one who has rejected homeschooling for those reasons but there are lots of homeschooling groups now that support parents and kids and their class lineups and events sound wildly fun: tinkering, game day, Explorer’s Club! Maybe we missed the boat.

Performing a play at Imaginary Space

Here are some resources to help parents who are considering homeschooling.

Through this organization you can connect with homeschoolers all over NYC and get involved in events and classes for your kids. They are the largest homeschool group in NYC. NYCHEA offers support, information and connection opportunities with other homeschool parents. They host events and activities  including Game Days, Craft Fairs, Performances, Museum Tours, Picnics and more. NYCHEA members also have access to classes ranging from Physics to Robotics to African Dance. Sports are also organized by NYCHEA families, including basketball and soccer. (They are listed in our Marketplace here.)

2. Homeschooling NYC
This Yahoo group is for families who are homeschooling in the New York City and Tri-State area or are considering homeschooling in the future. The purpose is to share information about workshops, trips, classes, curricula, meet-ups etc. that are of interest.

3. The Park Slope Home School Community
This homeschool community is for homeschoolers living in and around Park Slope, Brooklyn. The email group was created to facilitate networking, event planning, and friendships for homeschooling families in Brooklyn, NY. This is a secular group that it is not limited to one form/method of homeschooling. Activities to include: parkdays, field trips, fairs (science/art/geography), nature clubs, a show-n-tell, etc.

4. Imaginary Space
Imaginary Space is a non-profit coop established in Greenpoint in Brooklyn in Summer of 2011 by a group of homeschooling parents and teachers. Now in its second year, Imaginary Space will offer classes four days a week for a maximum of eight students, ages six to nine in the Fall 2012 -2013 term.  Classes will be held in their renovated space located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This year the space will feature a green screen studio, a professional music studio, a woodshop, puppet theater, and classroom.  For more information or to schedule a meeting, call them at 917-533-5977, or email imaginaryspacegreenpoint@gmail.com.