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Looking for a Gymnastics Class?

August 24, 2012

Watching the US gymnastics team win the Olympic gold I realize two things.

First, this is an amazing accomplishment.

Second, watching my nearly-five-year-old girl sneak out of bed to watch the Olympics and pretend to do a running vault, I see she’s running out of time.  She only has a few more years to catch someone’s attention as an up-and-coming gymnast.  Then we’ll have to move to Iowa or Texas to work out in some sort of Bela-Karolyi-type pixie factory where parents live on the edge of bankruptcy and kids’ dreams are crushed daily, so that one day she MIGHT win a gold medal before she’s old enough to drive.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Olympic fever aside, gymnastics is a great way for kids to work on balance, strength and endurance and to burn off some energy and learn a few life lessons along the way.

So…where to start ?

There are a ton of places at different prices. Here are just some:

  • One of the more established outfits is Brooklyn Gymnastics Center in Bensonhurst. They have programs for kids 2-12, including competitive teams.
  • Dumbo Gymnastics will take you from the basics to team competitions starting at age 1.
  • Everyday Athlete is now in both Brooklyn Heights and Carroll Gardens. Tumbling classes start at 18 months and have gotten solid reviews for years.
  • If Manhattan is more convenient, Chelsea Piers is a huge facility and teaches all levels.

For more, go to our Marketplace and find one that suits your needs. If you’ve taken a class at any one of the facilities listed, rate it and review it for us…..please.

As for me, I have to find something that fits with my daughter’s swim courses – oh yeah, she wants to be an Olympic swimmer, too…and soccer player…and archer…and dressage.

Jimmy Maas is a comedian, writer, and a broadcast professional. For more than 14 years he has graced the radio airwaves somewhere in the U.S. in some way, either with his deep dulcet voice on talk shows or his influence as a big shot producer for the Wall Street Journal Radio Network. After moving to Brooklyn from Austin, Texas, he spent several years toiling in the deep recesses of the New York’s comedy scene. In his spare time, he likes to sit on the couch, watch football, breathe through his mouth and write affirming, loosely factual blurbs and bios about himself in the third person. If you twitter, follow him out at #Maasdinero.