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New Schools in Brooklyn: from Montessori to Immersion

August 9, 2012

This afternoon, a reader posted on Facebook asking, “If you know of a pre k half day program that isn’t full, please let me know. Thanks.”  I answered it on Facebook, but I thought some of you might like to know the answer here too. These are the newest schools in Brooklyn that we have written about in the last year. You might find a spot for your child at one of these, but you might also put them on your tour list for this fall.

For all “Private Schools”- visit our Marketplace listings here. We also have Public Schools listed.

One World Project – they have an Open House this weekend
A nonprofit education center based in Windsor Terrace with a bilingual curriculum.  One World is currently enrolling students for the 2012/2013 school year.
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Lauren’s Place
A montessori-based home daycare that the owner, Michelle Hardy, has formed in the parlor floor of her brownstone in Crown Heights.
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Brooklyn Apple Academy
Beginning in Fall 2012, Brooklyn Apple Academy will open its doors to a new class of students who will be doing everything from building catapults, writing puppet shows and exploring the landscape on weekly field trips.  The Academy will take inspiration on small size from The Rad School and curriculum from Brightworks.
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The Brooklyn Forest School
This is a parent-child class and nursery program that takes place entirely outdoors in Prospect Park, started last fall as a once-a-week class for several families from The Brooklyn Waldorf School and grew by word of mouth, adding five classes with 50 more families from all over Brooklyn. This fall, they are preparing to enroll over 100 parent-child families along with the drop-off nursery.
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Christ Church Bay Ridge Preschool Language & Arts Center.
Christ Church Preschool uses a ” combination of the Montessori methods and arts, music and language.”
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Freebrook Academy
The school focuses on a curriculum that is based on enriching a students understanding of their community and culture as they ask students to “challenge injustices, think independently and critically, develop their talents, love learning, and become innovative adults.”
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Bija Kids Preschool
This preschool alternative for your 2-4 year old might be just what you and your child needs for a gentle introduction to school: local friends, community work, a good balance of play and thinking and a happy social environment. It’s totally green too: eco-friendly cleaning supplies, organic snacks, wood toys, recycled art materials and composting waste.
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Science, Language, and Arts
The program includes a curriculum based on (um… yes) Science, Language, and Arts. It focuses “on hands-on experiments, critical thinking and questioning.” The core of the courses are taught using a 70% French / 30% English immersion model where they will eventually learn to read and write in English and in French.
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FasTracKids – Park Slope
The program at FasTracKids includes a “child-centered classroom that includes elements from both the Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches to education. Within the program there is a strong emphasis on creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration skills through fun and interactive activities.
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Little Brooklyn Playschool
A home-based dayschool that offers a mixed-age classroom for 3s and 4s that runs from 9:15 am- 12:15 pm, Monday through Friday.  There will only be 6 children per session and the sessions are separated into Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday groups.
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The School House
The emphasis will be on ” easing the transition between home and school, developing healthy social relationships, and learning through play and artistic expression.” The school hours will be 9 to 3, Monday through Friday.
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