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Consumer Reports Best Bike Helmets: Only 2 Make the Cut

July 15, 2012

If you think your bike helmets are good enough: think again. Consumer Reports tested nine adult helmets and only one had enough protection for their most stringent test. And for youth helmets (those for children ages 5 years and older)? Only one of the four helmets tested passed their toughest impact absorption tests. That’s just plain sad…and pathetic.

You would hope that all the 13 models they tested would have passed their high impact absorption tests. Most of the helmets did pretty well for ease of use and weight, but for their most important quality: impact absorption, the majority got only a “Good” rating.  So, if you own some of the tested models of Bell, Giro (like us), Schwinn and Bern- you should definitely check out the ratings. They did test for specific models, so you may not find your particular model listed.

And, for the two models that did stand out in each category?

For the Adults: Specialized Echelon
For the Youths: Bontrager Solstice Youth

For the Kid and Toddler Bike Helmet ratings from 2011, go to our post here.

(This information was from the July 2012 Consumer Reports Magazine article. I couldn’t get the link online.)