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New Daycare/Preschool with Montessori Curriculum Opens

June 14, 2012

The owner's 11 month old son in the reading nook

A new daycare/preschool opened this week and we got a few snapshots of what it looks like. The new home daycare is called “Lauren’s Place” after the owner’s 8 year old daughter.  It is a montessori-based home daycare that the owner, Michelle Hardy, has formed in the parlor floor of her brownstone in Crown Heights.

I spoke with Michelle so that I could get a better sense of what the daycare offers and her reason for starting her up.

Lauren, the namesake for the new daycare

Michelle’s daughter, Lauren, is a second-grader at Brooklyn Heights Montessori School: having watched her daughter flourish under the montessori curriculum, Michelle decided to investigate further.  Michelle has been interested in childhood development so it isn’t surprising that her interest was piqued by watching her own daughter’s educational development. Subsequently, she decided open a daycare with her newly acquired knowledge.

The daycare will have montessori trained teachers.

They are accepting a few infants but mainly 2-5 year olds.  The day’s schedule follows a montessori curriculum and all meals (breakfast, snack, lunch) are provided for full day care children.

Costs and Hours:

8 am- 6 pm (5 days), ages 2-5 years: $400 a week

8 am- 6 pm (5 days), infants: $450 a week

8 am- 1 pm (5 days), ages 2-5 years: $250 a week

****there is a flexible schedule: you can do part-time as well.

Contact information:

Michelle Hardy, Director