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Need a Doctor? Daycare? Plumber? We Have The List!

June 26, 2012

List of Medical Specialists you can find

I have a third baby:  this one doesn’t poop, pee or cry- but it does demand a lot of attention, nurturing and I definitely have to put it to bed at night. After 12 months, I can finally announce that my new baby is ready to be taken out in public.

Featured Listings on the Marketplace

It’s been a work of love:  designing and testing my new baby- The Marketplace: a directory of services for Brooklyn parents. And, it’s DONE!

A business listing- you can see where the business is located, any specials they might have, website, photos, and so much more!

If you are looking for a pediatrician, painter, massage therapist, doula, photographer, daycare, school or just about anything- I have 1,285 (and growing!) listings to peruse.

A list of summer day camps

You can also review a business, or “like” it- it’s super easy to let other parents know your opinion. If you are a business that is looking to let others know about you- put yourselves on our Marketplace!

Reviews for a summer day camp

I am totally proud of it. It took me a while to get to this place to show it to you….so, TADA!

Photo gallery for a business listing

Please- give me any and all feedback. I hope we have all the bugs worked out now. Though, please be kind: it’s been a long 12 months!

(See the Marketplace HERE!)


Here I am last week showing my actual baby's pictures