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Organic Teethers: What to Look for and Where to Find Them

May 14, 2012

Teething is not only painful for babies- it’s painful for us parents. The screaming, crying and anxiety of hearing your child hurt can be awful. How do you soothe your child? I have tried everything from frozen peas to cold rings, necklaces, blanket or other chewable teethers – some work and others don’t. The problem with most conventional teethers is that they may contain toxic plastics and harsh chemicals like BPA and formaldehyde that goes directly into your baby’s mouth.  The best bet is to use an organic teether or teething bib that will provide relief while containing no toxins.

In general, organic teethers should be free of BPA, silicone, PVC and pthalates. They should also be free of chemicals, dyes and synthetic fabrics. This also means that teethers are made with eco-friendly materials like 100% organic cotton, maple or wood. Check out our list of organic teethers that are environmentally friendly and will also provide soothe tender gums and provide your baby with comfort and relief.

Sophie the Giraffe ($17.31 on Amazon): This is an infamous teether in Brooklyn, and rightly so. Sophie the Giraffe has some magical pull for babies. We had 3 come and go and I almost bought a fourth one to replace the last lost one. It was that important to our daily life! Sophie is handmade from pure, natural rubber extracted from the Hevea tree,  free from BPA, PVC, parabens, phthlatates, and chemical softeners. The paint used on Sophie is from food-quality paints so no need to worry about anything harsh going into your baby’s mouth. Sophie is also soft, flexible, and slender – making her easy for babies to grasp and squeeze and place in their mouths when they need to soothe sore gums.

Organic Cotton Knit Teethers ($12.00): Created by miYim, this non-toxic organic teether features adorable characters like an elephant, a bunny, a bear and a monkey. All teethers are chemical free, use low-impact dyes and are made from 100% organic cotton. Although we have never used them personally, the company claims the organic knit material is durable and  massages your child’s gums as they chew.

Green Sprouts makes a number of organic teethers, blankets and bits. Their Organic Teether Bib ($8.95) is a lightweight and absorbent terry bib that includes a removable PVC-free teething ring. The ring also contains sterilized water to help soothe sensitive and tender gums. The reviews on the Teether Bib are consistently high and people love it.

The company also sells an Organic Terry Circus Animal Teether ($7.99) that is also BPA, PVC and phthalate free and made with an organic cotton terry cloth. These EVA teething rings can also be chilled in the refrigerator for a soothing effect and the plush toy is cute and soft for a little baby.

“Knotty Bambini” Organic Wood Teethers ($8.00): Created by IndieBambino, this 100% organic wood teether has no plastic or toxic dyes. The teethers are made with raw birch wood that can be finished with 100% certified organic flax seed oil, all natural beeswax and olive oil or 100% certified organic unrefined coconut oil (the choice is up to you). The teething rings also contain a piece of organic bamboo velour that has been knotted or doubled over so that your baby can chew on something non-toxic. The ends can be dipped in water and placed in the refrigerator to soothe baby’s gums.

Organic Fruit and Veggie Teething Toys by Under the Nile ($7.00):  Created by Under the Nile, this organic fruit and veggie teether is handmade and stuffed with the 100% organic Egyptian cotton. There are also no pesticides, chemicals, or artficifal dyes in the teether. Additionally, the accessories such as buttons and zippers are made from organically friendly elements such as wood, shell or nickel-free metals. The company also states that all of their toys are tested according to the ASTM United States government standard as well as to the EN1 European standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). We had the banana and though it never appealed to our baby, she did end up playing with it as a plush toy when she got older.

Dandelion Organic Cozy Crinkle Book Teether ($11.00): This Dandelion Organic Cozy Crinkle Book functions as a teether and a discovery toy as they explore the books knots, tags and crinkly sounds. As your child grows they can also learn about various objects like apples, birds and cats, that are stitched on the books 3 pages. The product is also earth-friendly and made from organic cotton.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace ($18.95): A traditional European remedy for baby teething is to wear baltic amber close to the skin. A natural analgesic, amber is said to calm a baby without the use of any drugs. Made from fossilized tree resin, the company states that you should leave the teething necklace in the sun to warm it up and increase its natural soothing effect. Since this is worn around the neck, be sure to take it off at night and watch that the clasps aren’t too tight.

Nuby Natural Touch Softees Teether: ($3.90) One of our favorites teething rings was this Nuby Hand Teether. The hard yet pliable surface that feels rubbery is soothing on gums. The shape of the hand is easy to grasp and our baby liked trying all the different “fingers” in her mouth, one by one.  It is all natural and inexpensive at

Chewbeads are my personal favorite teether because I still wear them and thus they aren’t in a landfill somewhere! The necklaces, bracelets and bangles don’t have  BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, or metals and are easily cleaned with dish soap and water (or a dishwasher if they get really dirty). I love how colorful and fun they are and I get complements on them all the time! I bought my at Bump in Brooklyn. Necklaces start at $29.50. Bracelets are $12.50. I recommend one of each so you can wear them all season!