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Free Workshops on Babywearing, Siblings, Yoga and More……

May 3, 2012

Get our your calendar out and start marking down Thursdays as “all tied up!” Bija, a yoga studio, preschool and camp, will begin offering parents free Thursday night lectures and workshops that cover everything to preparing for birth to preparing for sibling birth- and everything in between: like sex! Bija Kids has expanded over the last 2 years and it’s exciting to see them offer this free service for parents- I hope to seem them continue to do so.

The first workshop is tonight and like all of them, run from 6:30pm – 8:00pm.

Babywearing 101
May 3

Learn about safe positioning, and hands on demonstrations with various carriers. Led by
Bianca Fehn of Slings in the City.

Yoga Tools for Parents
May 10

Learn about safe, easy and fun postures, breathing techniques and games to incorporate
into your daily routine to make bedtime a breeze, get rid of the chronic runny nose and get
out of the door in the morning fuss free!
Led by Bija founder and owner, Lauren Maples.

Available Options in Childbirth
May 17

Learn about the different kinds of pregnancy care and support available. We will discuss
available options for delivery: home birth, birthing center and hopsital. Learn about the
differences among providers, doctors and midwives, enabling you to choose the best
provider for your pregnancy and birth. This workshop is appropriate for pregnant families as
well as couples planning a pregnancy.
Led by Bija Co-director, Kristen Schaefer

Sex Tips for Pregnancy
May 24

Want to do the bump while you have a bump? At this discussion we’ll sare tips and tricks for
having a pleasurable nine months. We’ll cover changing desires, highlight popular toys and
positions and answer your questions along the way.
Led by  Babeland educators Leah Perrotti and Vanessa Anton

Born Healthy: What parents can do to raise health and happy kids.
May 31

Led by Dr Huml of Huml Integrative Health Care

Sibling Prep/Change After 2
June 7

If you’re expecting your second, you won’t want to miss this informative conversation about
how to prepare your Big Kid to become a Big Sib. We will cover topics such as telling your
child you’re pregnant, “playing to prepare” with babies and books, how to talk to your child
about your hospital stay, tips and strategies for dealing with regressions and much, much
more. You will feel more confident and ready to introduce your older child to your new baby
after this session.
Led by Rachel Cedar of You Plus 2 Parenting

The Family Meal
June 14

Eating together at all ages and stages of development, nourishes your family. Review the
basics of a balanced meal and portion sizes and learn how to have fun, delicious and
nutritious meals that are battle and bribe free. Gets lots of recipes and meal ideas!
Led by Laura Stadler, MS, RD, CDN

What is Placenta Encapsulation and How can it benefit a Postpartum Mom?
June 28

Led by Jennifer Mayer

Thursday Night Lecture Series at Bija
900 Fulton Street @ Washington
6:30pm – 8:00pm
FREE, donations accepted for Yoga for New York non-for-profit organization