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Our Family Vitamin: Smartypants Offering Discount + Win Gift Card

May 17, 2012

Smartypants at breakfast time! It's our treat before or after cereal.

In my family, there are 3 things that we do religiously for our health:

  1. Drink power shakes. See my recipe here.
  2. Eat vitamins.
  3. Walk. (That’s pretty easy to accomplish in Brooklyn).

Anyone that hangs out in our home knows that I always have a power shake in the fridge and vitamins on our kitchen table.

After a ton of research, (and you can probably guess from this blog that I love to do that), I found the perfect vitamin for our whole family: Smartypants For Kids and Smartypants For Grown-Ups.

I was first invited to try Smartypants 15 months ago. I compared them to other multivitamins, fish oils and supplements in a post here. Not only did Smartypants come out on top with their vitamin and mineral content, but they had everything I wanted:  a multi + omega 3 + vitamin D, in one delicious gumdrop taste. No more hiding fish oil in food or wiping off sticky bottles of Vitamin D!

Here is why I chose Smartypants back then and why we continue to take them:

  • Made from natural and organic ingredients
  • No high fructose corn syrup, only organic cane sugar and organic tapioca sweeteners.  There is only 5g per serving for kids (that’s about 20% of the sugar in a glass of apple juice but with a MUCH higher nutrient load).
  • The fish oil in Smartypants is batch tested for mercury and quality.
  • The owners, (a mom and dad), make matching 1;1 nutrient grant donations to a child in need for every bottle sold.
  • Did I say delicious?!

And here are some goodies for our readers:

  • Use  discount code ACG20 to SAVE 20%
  • Share to WIN $250 Amazon Gift Card (Right now Smartypants is running a $250 amazon gift card contest– it’s the perfect time to try the vitamins and possibly win big too!  Share the code then you both get a chance to win. The more you refer, the more chances to win! (Don’t worry, SmartyPants will only contact your friends if your friends opt in so they don’t feel spammed.)
Disclosure:  this is a sponsored post.