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Cool Map Games for Kids

May 18, 2012

Rethinking Schools Online

Are you searching for a fun way to teach geography to your kid…and maybe brush up on it yourself?

Here are a few that I really like:

Rethinking Schools’ Map Game
This map game is easy to follow. Just drag a country’s name to its proper place. I admit I made quite a few mistakes- EEEK! If you are wrong, you get a squishy sounding buzz and if you are right…well, I haven’t heard that sound yet. Just kidding- you hear a “gong” sound.  You have to keep working to get the answers right.  There aren’t any hints or correct answers shown.  See the game here.

National Geographic Kids GeoSpy
National Geographic’s site has a few geography games. The maps are a lot smaller, but the game is high-tech. You are on a mission to name the countries, states or continents based on your selected game. There is a beeping sound as you race against the clock to name each correctly. When you give an incorrect answer, you get a long beep and the program shows you the correct answer instead. I do like knowing where I go wrong. See GeoSpy here.

Kids Geo Map Match, Capitals and Longitude and Latitude Games
I like these map games quite a bit.  You choose a continent and you are shown the name of a country and its shape. You need to drag the country to its correct location on the map. You can press “Clue” if you need some help, and the country will light up on the map. This is a great learning exercise for visual learners since it can be easier to learn and associate location by their shape and how they “fit” into the jigsaw puzzle of a continent. Try the Map Match Game here. There is a “capitals” game too that is essentially a multiple choice. The “clues” aren’t clues, just the answers.  The Match Maps are much better games than the capital ones. A fun game to do too is their Longitude and Latitude game. Try and locate Hannah by the coordinates she gives you. It’s cute and a bit like “Where’s Waldo” but without the good graphics.