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Blew My Tiara Off: Princess Party Gone Elegant

April 17, 2012

I’ve never felt more sorry for doing plastic superhero tablecloths and throwaway goodie bags than I did when I went to a recent 3 year old’s birthday party. When I walked in, I thought I had opened up the pages of Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine. This was the most elegant princess party I have ever been to! I thought you might enjoy seeing the photographs taken by Kait Adams, the sister of the birthday princess.

The birthday girl (in barely-on pink princess dress) was thrilled to be at the party after a late arrival due to an emergency room visit. She  came back with 8 staples in her head from a nasty stair fall, but was full of smiles anyway. After all, it was her big day. Note the branches hanging from the chandelier with butterflies. All the children made their own crowns and wands.

The butterflies floated above our heads as we ate baked macaroni and cheese with peas.

I’m so impressed that the 3-15 year olds were allowed to eat on these elegant celebratory plates…and tea cups? Yes, we actually drank out of them. And…..nothing was broken!

Here is another view of the table stockpiled with sugar sweets;  birthday cake, daisy sugar cookies, malted robins’ eggs, meringues and cupcakes. Can you say “sugar high?!”

These wooden carved mushrooms sheltered the bountiful birds’ nests. The ceramic bunnies watched over the woodland scene and the colorful tulips gave the whole muted tableau a pop of excitement!

The parting goodie bags were stuffed with jeweled barrettes and headband, candy necklace, funkadelic lighted bouncy ball and a 10 carat blue rhinestone ring: all tied up with gossamer ribbon.

A sweet ending to a royal party! Happy Birthday Lily!