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Are You Paying Your Babysitter Enough? (Park Slope Parents Babysitter Survey is Out!)

April 26, 2012

Are you paying your sitter enough? According to the 2012 Park Slope Parents first Babysitter Survey that came out this week, a babysitter for 1 child makes an average of $14.50 an hour. And for 2 children? The sitter makes an average of $15.50 an hour.  What about their neighborhood kid who is under 21 years that watches your kids? The make $2-3 less per hour.  So, how does your pay scale measure up?

Their findings also noted that “$158 is the average cost of a date night AND babysitter combined (range $56-$229), not counting a car service or food for the sitter.” Makes forming a babysitting co-op sound much more interesting, doesn’t it?! (Find out how to form one here.)

If you are interested in reading Park Slope Parents‘ surveys about Nanny Pay Rates , you can find the latest one here.

Park Slope Parents also summed up some of their other findings:

Average cost of babysitter for 1 child      $14.50/hr
Average cost of babysitter for 2 children  $15.50/hr
Average cost of babysitter for 3 children  $16.80/hr
Babysitters under 21 are paid $2-$3 less per hour than those over 21
Babysitters watching children under 1 make $1 more per hour.
4 in 10 (38%) of babysitters make $74 or more on a typical night.

Half (51%) of all parents using a sitter have used one once or twice a month over the last 6 months. 30% have used a sitter more often (once a week or more), while 18% use one less frequently or not at all.
Three in four (76%) use a sitter on Saturdays, making it the most common “date night.” Over half (54%) or all the parents use a sitter on weeknights.
Six in ten (63%) pay for a car service on top of the hourly fee.
6 in 10 parents spend between $75 and $125 on their “date night” (on top of what they pay their sitter).
Babysitter Demographics
90% of all the babysitters are over 21 years old. Half (55%) employ babysitters who are 22-30 years old, with 10% using those 18-21 and 3 in ten (29%) use babysitters over 30. Only 7% employ babysitters under 18.
97% of these occasional babysitters are female.
One third (33%) of babysitters live in the neighborhood, four in ten (41%) live close by (but not directly in the neighborhood), and one-fourth (25%) live father away.