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9 New Charter Schools Opening in Brooklyn Fall 2012

April 12, 2012

InsideSchools.org reported that 24 charter schools are opening this fall and 1/3 of them are in Brooklyn.

What is a charter school?
Charter schools are free and public schools that operate independently. Instead, they create their own “charter”, a contract that explains their program and goals.  Since they aren’t run by the NYC Department of Education, they can create their own program, choose their goals and hire their own staff. They are held accountable though: they must meet all the academic goals set by New York State. If they don’t, then the school can be closed.

How do I apply?
Since each charter school is independent, they don’t follow the DOE application process and each school has their own enrollment process. You need to contact each school to find out how to apply to that particular school.  According to New York City Charter School Center, “charter schools in NYC (are required) to give preference to returning students, siblings of students already enrolled in the school and students who reside in the local Community School District in which the charter school is located. In addition, charter schools are permitted to give preference to students at risk of academic failure. This includes English Language Learners (ELL), students who are eligible for free or reduced price lunch and students who did not score at the proficient level on the state tests.

Charter Schools in Brooklyn that are opening Fall 2012:
District 14: Beginning with Children Charter School II: K-5 A clone of another school in District 14. http://www.bwccs2.org/
District 14: Brooklyn Success Academy Charter School 2: K-5 Part of Sucess Academy network http://www.successacademies.org/
District 14: Brooklyn Success Academy Charter School 4: K-5 Part of Success Academy network. http://www.successacademies.org/
District 15: Brooklyn Success Academy 3: K-5 Part of Success Academy network. http://www.successacademies.org/
District 15: New Dawn Charter Transfer High School: 9-12 For students age 15-21 who have either dropped out of school or been unsuccessful in traditional high schools. http://ndchs.org/
District 16: Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter School: 6-12 A school affiliated with Outward Bound. http://www.nycoutwardbound.org/our-schools/launch-school/home/
District 17: Explore Exceed Charter School: K-8 http://www.explorenetwork.org/
District 22: Urban Dove Charter School: An ungraded high school for at risk youth. http://www.urbandove.org/
District 23: ROADS Charter School I: 9-12 An alternative charter school for older youth.