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Yee Haw! Bike Swap and Rodeo NEXT Weekend

March 22, 2012

There’s a rodeo happening in Brooklyn next weekend! Well, a bike rodeo- so instead of donning cowboy hats, strap on those bike helmets and get ready for a full day of all things cycling.

P.S. 261 is hosting the Bike Rodeo and Bike Swap where you can get bike tune-ups, learn to ride, swap out a bike for a new used one and participate in some fun riding games with your kids.


How does the swap work?
Bring in any old kids bikes that you are no longer using, or no longer fit, and for $15, swap for a “new used” bike.  Kids came away with a fabulously newly used bike courtesy of Recycle-A-Bicycle, whose mechanics processed and exchanged about 125 kids bikes–that includes the 20 provided by Recycle-A-Bicycle, the 75 that were swapped, and the 30 or so that needed tune-ups.   Both Bike New York and Recycle-A-Bicycle are local non-profit community organizations that are ready to get you out and about on your bike all year long. If you have enough (or too many) bikes, you can still DONATE your old bikes, and they will give them some TLC and find a new rider.

What if I don’t have a bike to swap?
If you do not have a bike, there will be donated/used kids bikes to buy for $25, and thanks to Recycle-A-Bicycle mechanics -they will be in working order. (Proceeds go to benefit P.S. 261)

Get a tune up!
Recycle-A-Bicycle mechanics can tune up your bike (for a small fee).

What is “Learn To Ride”?
There will free lessons for children to learn to ride.  Last year’s inaugural event minted more than 60 new bike riders thanks to the amazing Bike New York sponsored Learn-to-Ride program. I have so many friends who swear by their program.

What’s the rodeo part?
Adult volunteers will be on hand to lead kids through a variety of fun games that teach basic and advance skills necessary for riding. There will also be DOT helmet fittings and giveaways.  Local organizations will be on hand with free bike info, maps, and introductions to street and city riding.

Saturday March 31st from 10am -2pm
314 Pacific Street, P.S. 261