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Where you find some Brooklynites on the weekends

March 30, 2012

Ever wonder where everyone goes when Brooklyn empties out on the summer weekends?  I can tell you where they are.

Nestled inside the mountainous Catskills region of New York lies a small town called Lake Huntington.  It’s near the town of Bethel and is about five miles from the Delaware River, not far from the border of the Poconos.  There’s a small vacation community called the Lake Huntington Summer Community. LHSC is a cooperative three-season community of 50+ families that is still going strong after 40 years.

Last summer, we went to visit some friends at LHSC who regularly reside in Red Hook and were surprised to learn that most people in the community, both owners and renters, were from all over Brooklyn.  They all hail from  Lefferts Park, Park Slope, Ditmas Park, to name a few.  A visit there is certainly cheaper than taking the family to the Hamptons or Fire Island.

To get there, the journey is about 2-1/2 hours from Brooklyn, depending on traffic.  The area is far enough from the hustle bustle but accessible to go back and forth on weekends.

The community is built around an 82-acre lake which is lovely for a swim, fishing, hiking, kayaking, or just hanging out. The community has a playground, swimming pool with lifeguard and gated shallow end, 2 tennis courts, basketball courts, a baseball field, zipline, treehouses, sandbox, hiking areas and lots of open space.

Set on 17 acres of beautiful wooded grounds for shade and open fields for sun, the property is ideal for play (and benign neglect), set up with a small road going around the perimeter so that it is safe for the kids to freely run around outdoors without worry about cars.
After a day of swimming in the pool and the lake, walks in the fresh air, eating healthy food brought from our friend’s co-op, we all felt refreshed.  That’s what being in the Catskills is all about.  The accommodations are a throw-back to time spent during our youth at sleep-away camp.  They are definitely rustic but not uncomfortable.

We completely understand why anyone in Brooklyn would want to spend their summer in Lake Huntington.  Most certainly, they won’t run out of things to talk about with each other, all coming from the same place, attending the same schools, dealing with the same commute, etc.  More than that, Lake Huntington is a wonderful place for kids.  Nature, climbing trees, barbecues, hide & seek, swimming in the lake.  What can be better than that?!

To get to Lake Huntington from Brooklyn, take Route 87 and then Route 17.



Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Holly Rosen Fink has spent the last 15 years in NYC working in all facets of media, from MTV to the world of traditional and online publishing.  Now working as a consultant  in Westchester, she blogs about travel, theater, film, art, books, advocacy and more at The Culture Mom Blog.  She has two children, ages 5 and 7, who share her culture addiction.