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Top 10 Desired High Schools in NYC 2012

March 18, 2012


NYC High school applicants can choose from 400 NYC high schools…..but obviously some of those schools are better than others. Which ones? The most sought-after schools are published each year in the DOE’s annual list of “”Top 10 Programs by Applicants”.

Think the odds of getting into a good college are tough? Baruch College High School, which is the #1 sought-after high school for the second year in a row,  had 6,465 applicants for about 104 seats. How’s that for staggeringly difficult?! (Statistics from Insideschools.org.)

Pace High School and Eleanor Roosevelt, (#2 and #3) don’t offer much better odds: Pace, which does not screen potential applicants, had 6,289 for 108 seats; Eleanor Roosevelt, a selective school with a 100% grad rate last year, had 5,983 for 125 seats. (Statistics from Insideschools.org.)

The news isn’t all that depressing. According to DNA.info, “Almost half of the city’s 77,137 applicants — 49 percent — got their top choice and 74 percent were admitted to one of their top three choices. Students can try for admission at up to 12 high schools.”

Does that make anyone feel better?!

View the list and download it here as a PDF.