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New Therapy Practice in Williamsburg For Couples, Families and Individuals

March 18, 2012

I’m a sucker for parenting books and have amassed enough of them that I have a collection that spans 2 bookshelves.  Lately, I have begun acquiring books on relationships. It appears, (shockingly!), that good parenting goes hand in hand with a good partnership.  And, how can you have a satisfactory relationship without two happy people in it?! Thus has begun my new collection of books like “The Happiness Project” and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” I now have a small library of self-help books that rivals the one at Barnes & Noble. Sigh. That’s a lot of reading!

Sometimes it’s hard to do it all yourself.

A new group of therapists have opened a collective in Williamsburg that can work with you on all those interests: you as an individual, you as a couple, you as a family unit- all addressing your specific needs from balancing your life to dealing with a specific crisis. The group, The Williamsburg Therapy Group, was developed by Dr. Daniel Selling as a way to support local Brooklynites.  A Williamsburg resident himself with a successful Upper West Side practice, Dr. Selling wanted to create something closer to home to service his neighborhood clients. He is now transitioning his practice full time to Williamsburg.

Who are they?
The psychologists and psychiatrists at The Williamsburg Therapy Group have expertise in couples therapy, family therapy and individual growth work. The practitioners have years of experience in both the private and public spheres of the mental health profession. In addition to his role as Director of Williamsburg Therapy Group, Dr. Selling serves as the Executive Director of Mental Health for the NYC Jail System. Dr. Jason Hershberger, completed his adult psychiatric training at Harvard University as a graduate of the Massachusetts General and McLean Hospital psychiatric residency. He is a consulting psychiatrist with the Williamsburg Therapy Group and also the Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn.

And, so…..
Sometimes books aren’t enough, and you need someone right there in front of you who can respond to your specific concerns.  That’s when a comfy couch, an educated ear and some solid direction is just what the doctor ordered.

Free Phone Consultations:
The Williamsburg Therapy Group
is offering free phone consultations so you can see what they are all about.  Just mention “A Child Grows In Brooklyn.” For more information and to set up an initial consultation, click here.

More information:
The Williamsburg Therapy Group
practice in the areas of:

  • Relationships
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Severe Emotional Conditions
  • Addiction
  • * The Group incorporate tenets of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Theory, Solution Focused Therapy and Psychoanalytic Theory when they work with patients.


Williamsburg Therapy Group

64 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11249
contact (at) williamsburgtherapygroup.com
(347) 765-0904

If coming by train, take the L train to the Bedford stop, or JMZ to the Marcy
stop. Click Here for directions.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.